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At Zeppelin University, the ongoing attempt to integrate artistic practices is also reflected in our collaboration with artists on various publications.

Art, Science & Society | The artsprogram of the Zeppelin University

by Karen van den Berg und Ulrike Shepherd

Artistic practices devise distinctive forms of reflection on the world. As a sensual- aesthetic mode of research, they contribute to society’s production of knowledge and insight. Established in 2004, ZU’s artsprogram is a pilot project that builds new bridges between the arts, academia, and society. With exhibitions, interventions, performances, festivals and the design of the university itself, artistic modes of thinking and acting become part of academic teaching, research and campus life. Marcos Chaves, Rainer Ganahl, Irene Hohenbüchler, Alfredo Jaar, Forensic Architecture, Dan Perjovschi, Ariel Reichman, and raumlaborberlin have been among the artists who have participated in the program.

After seventeen years of successful collaboration with internationally renowned artists, scientists, and art institutions, the book Art, Science & Society. The artsprogram of the Zeppelin University recapitulates the program’s seminal endeavors in essays and interviews and presents selected works, projects, and events that exemplify the program’s pioneering spirit. With contributions by Hans Ulrich Gumbrecht, Philipp Kleinmichel, Joachim Landkammer, Pierre Guillet de Monthoux, Benita-Immanuel Grosser, Stephan Schmidt-Wulffen, Ulrike Shepherd, Karen van den Berg, and Carlotta Wald, the book inspires with ideas on how art can enrich educational institutions, cultural institutions, and scientific disciplines in a durable way in an increasingly complex present.

Further Information

Art Science and Society

Cicerone | Zeppelin University Art Guide (2010/2013)
by Ruediger John

Ruediger John’s work deals with questions of perceptions and values. These same questions informed the conception of the artsprogram art guide: the publication in newspaper format provides an overview of the various artworks and interventions on campus, but shows only fragmented views of each work. In doing so it directs the reader to the necessity of their own agency in the perception of art.

Orientierung | Series of Postcards on the Art at ZU (2013)
by Ruediger John

The series of postcards is a continuation of the Cicerone – Art Guide. The individual cards provide information on the works by Sandra Boeschenstein (CH), Ecke Bonk (D), Marcos Chaves (BR), Armin Chodzinski (D), Mark Formanek (D), Gunilla Klingberg (SE), Thomas Locher (D), Harald F. Müller (D, CH), Andrew McNiven (GB), Oliver Ressler (A), Christoph Schäfer (D), Gerda Steiner & Jörg Lenzlinger (CH) und Tilo Schulz (D) and work as souvenirs. Meanwhile the cards also generate to a second discursive space through QR codes that lead to a subjective selection of citations.

Logbuch artsprogram | Yearbook 2009-2010
by Students, in cooperation with Ruediger John

The publication ‘Logbuch’ resulted from a collaboration between students and the artist Ruediger John. The magazine was conceived and designed by students in their 3rd and 4th semester of the B.A. in Communication and Cultural Management (CCM) and outlines all the events of the artsprogram between September 2009 and May 2010.

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auf# - Medium für Zwischenfrage der Zeppelin Universität
A magazine as art

auf# is a monothematic academic magazine and solicits contributions that address wider social debates. The monothematic concept of the publication is reflected in its design, with each issue’s layout having a specific focus. The visual elements provide a critical aesthetic commentary on the content of the academic contributions.

Have a look at the flipbook

auf# 01, auf# 02, auf# 03 | Concept & Intervention by Ruediger John (A)

For the first issue of the magazine, the artist Ruediger John was invited to develop a visual concept that critically engages with the usual forms of information and its presentation. Furthermore, he was also in charge of the visual artistic interventions for the issues in „auf# 01: Macht & Mitsprache“ (Power & Participation) „auf# 02: Positive Distanz“ (Positive Distance) und „auf# 03: Bürger.Macht.Staat?“( Citizen.Power.State?).

auf# 04 und auf# 05 | Artistic Intervention by Patricia Reed (CAN)

The Canadian artist Patricia Reed worked on the issues „auf# 04: Fragile Stabilität. Stabile Fragilität.“ (Fragile Stability. Stable Fragility) and „auf# 05: Was tun? Was tun. Wie Wissenschaft wirkt.“ (What to do? How research works.).

auf# 06 | Artistic Intervention by Christof Salzmann (D)

The design of this issue on „Bildung der Bildung” (Educating Education) was realized by the artist Christof Salzmann.


laut.stark.viel.stimmig. | Music at ZU

A CD produced by students of Zeppelin University that extends from classical choir to electronic (2010).

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