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When science encounters family entrepreneurship, a lively exchange originates. With the help of various programs/formats, the FIF provides an inspiring platform for networking and the exchange between family entrepreneurs, successors and students. All FIF events unify that they are familiar, informal and interactive – and tackle the topic family firm from different perspectives.



Familienklatsch: Discussions with family entrepreneurs

Initiated in the fall of 2008 - In various constellations, we invite family entrepreneurs to come to Zeppelin University to our "Familienklatsch". In an open and relaxed atmosphere, we discuss central issues of the successful management of family businesses: What is typical of a family business, and what makes it so different most of the time? How do you continue to run a family business when you are the son or the daughter, and how when you are an external managing director? And why are so many family entrepreneurs hidden champions?

With only 30 to 50 students and other interested parties, the circle of participants is small and encourages debates. Professor Dr Andreas Wiedemann, who is a honorary professor at the Friedrichshafen Institute of Family Entrepreneurship as well as an expert on family businesses due to his work as a partner in the Stuttgart law office of Hennerkes, Kirchdörfer und Lorz, takes on the role of a moderator.

The guests of previous events:


12.04.16 | Matthias Mey, Mey GmbH & Co. KG


06.10.15 | Heinrich und Gabriele Grieshaber, Grieshaber Logistik AG

18.03.15 | Bernhard Rösner, Geschäftsführer der C. Lamy GmbH


11.11.14 | Franz Schabmüller junior & Herbert Fürst, Geschäftsführer der PERI GmbH

13.02.14 | Alexander Schwörer, Geschäftsführer der PERI GmbH

20.03.13 | Dr. Francoise Wilhelmi de Toledo & Raimund, Klinik Buchinger Wilhelmi GmbH
06.11.13 | Joachim Eckerle, Sprecher der Geschäftsführung (CEO) der Eckerle Holding GmbH in Ottersweier und Sohn des Firmengründers Gerhard Eckerle

06.11.12 | Clemens Keller & Alexandra Keller, Seeberger GmbH
09.02.12 | Martin Kind, Kind Hörgeräte
05.03.12 | Cord und Kai Vogelsänger, Vogelsänger Gruppe
16.04.12 | Dr. Sebastian und Sebastian Priller, Brauhaus Riegele

29.03.11 | Roland und Thomas Mack, Europapark
24.10.11 | Joachim Link und Susan Martin de Vidales, Interstuhl

23.03.10 | Ulrich Dietz, GFT Technologies
28.09.10 | Udo J. Vetter, Vetter Pharma
09.11.10 | Leonhard von Metzler und Emmerich Müller, Bankhaus B. Metzler | Frankfurt

03.02.09 | Michaela und Hellmuth Aurenz, ASB Grünland
08.04.09 | Claudia Diem und Jürgen Haller, BW Bank
04.05.09 | Renate Moser und Claus Bernatzik, Intersky
07.10.09 | Marjoke Breuning, Maute Benger und Nicole Porsch, Weinhandlung Bronner
02.12.09 | Jürgen Winterhalter, Winterhalter

02.10.08 | Bettina Würth und Robert Friedman, Würth Gruppe
19.11.08 | Antje und Albrecht von Dewitz, Vaude

Entrepreneur Evenings | for family entrepreneurs

Science meets family entrepreneurship. In cooperation with the digital agency TOWA the FIF hosts regular Impresario Talks on current topics which interest and inspire family entrepreneurs.

"FamilienFrühling" | for the whole of the entrepreneurial family

This is a two-day informal conference for family entrepreneurs of all generations, which is jointly organised by the FIF and students. In addition to the lively exchange between science and family entrepreneurship this event offers a rare opportunity to interact exclusively with other family entrepreneurs and learn from each other.

Project 2024

Exclusively for the participants and co-designer of the project2024, a unique long-term project in which young members of entrepreneurial families starting from 18 years old are accompanied scientifically on their individual development path and if interested in person. A two-day event is held annually, which is personal, interactive and inspiring.

22.-23.10.2015 | Project2024 - Annual Meeting: "Lone warrior or team player? Team constellations in the leadership- and shareholder succession" | ImpactHub, Munich

09.10.2014 | Project2024 - Annual Meeting | Zeppelin University, Friedrichshafen

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