Our Mission

Who we are

ZF Campus der Zeppelin Universität | Foto:ZU/Florian Gehm

Zeppelin University  ZF Campus| Picture: ZU/Florian Gehm

Zeppelin University (ZU) sees itself as an open, inspiring, research-oriented think-tank that breaks new ground in university education, pursues an entrepreneurial approach, and combines a discipline-specific grounding with an interdisciplinary way of thinking and working.

This includes ensuring freedom with regard to research and teaching while making a voluntary commitment to uphold academic standards, as well as a focus on critical reflection and the advancement of scientific methods and practice.

ZU was founded in 2003 to develop innovative opportunities in research and teaching in the tradition of Humboldt’s educational ideal, which are adapted both programmatically and in accordance with the university’s own ethos to the major societal changes of the twenty-first century. In the spirit of the Enlightenment ideas espoused by Humboldt, ZU is committed both to gaining knowledge for its own sake and – especially in teaching – to disseminating and communicating the value of a scientific world view.

What we aspire

Through its activities in the areas of pure and applied research, ZU aims to contribute to resolving society’s most pressing future issues on an international, national, and regional level.

In doing so, the highest priority is always given to maintaining the independence and neutrality of the research. As a driver of educational innovation, ZU sees itself as a laboratory for the conception and organization of a future-focused university education that responds to societal transformation processes.

Prof Dr Klaus Mühlhahn, President of Zeppelin University | Picture: ZU/Ilya Mess

In times of rapidly growing bodies of knowledge and eroding certainties, ZU aims to educate cross–border commuters who are entering new territory with a willingness to take responsibility for their actions.

As future leaders, our graduates should be able to deal with uncertainty and operate successfully in changing environments. ZU therefore endeavors to instill in them the conviction that economic, ecological, social, and cultural concerns as well as institutional, organizational, and individual goals can be combined in a way that promotes sustainable societal development. Against this backdrop, the university also strives to train young academics who are capable of networking nationally and internationally thanks to their specialist expertise and interdisciplinary profiles.

Our core values

In pursuit of ZU’s mission and the resulting diverse strategic and operational goals, all members of the organization are predominantly guided by the following values:

  • Openness and respect
  • Trust and cooperation
  • Curiosity and the joy of experimentation
  • Commitment and aspiration

These values are lived and specifically promoted by – and for – all students at ZU. The respective academic tasks and goals are pursued with passion and great commitment by our members.

ZU sets high standards for itself and aims to be a leading institution in its field.

How we implement it

The Structure and Development Plan | STEP entitled "ZU | 2025 - Unlock the Future" defines the strategic development goals in the four core areas of research, teaching, transfer and university development. In addition, the strategic and operational measures are outlined, which in their interaction are directed towards achieving these goals and sharpening the profile of Zeppelin University in a structured, systematic and goal-oriented manner.

The core areas of the structural and development plan are flanked by the following five cross-cutting themes, which guide the actions of all areas of the university:

1. interdisciplinarity

2. digital transformation

3. sustainability

4. internationalisation

5. equality and diversity

The implementation of the measures and the achievement of the strategic goals of the STEP are evaluated regularly.

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