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White Box - Project Space

Foto: A. Meichsner
Foto: A. Meichsner

The White Box is an exhibition and project space for the arts at Zeppelin University. The space is both a site for display and an experimental laboratory, one in which new curatorial formats are tested. The events at the White Box aim to create a dialogue between the arts, the scientific community and society that is both surprising and stimulating. To do so, the program engages with the university's research and teaching, or discusses wider social issues that are relevant for the institution.

People in charge
Prof. Dr. Karen van den Berg, Academic Head of the artsprogram
Ulrike Shepherd, Curator of Visual Art & Coordinator of the artsprogram


The White Box exhibition space is sponsored by the Fränkel-Stiftung in the form of a Room Sponsorship and a regular support of the exhibition program.

Opening hours during the semester
Tuesday – Thursday: 14.00 – 17.00
and by appointment:

Current exhibition

Archaeology of the Present – Memory, Media, Matter

16 | 02 – 17 | 05 | 2018

Forensic Architecture (FA) is a research agency, based at Goldsmiths, University of London, undertaking advanced architectural and media research on behalf of international prosecutors, human rights organisations and political and environmental justice groups. Forensic architecture is also an emergent academic field developed at Goldsmiths. It refers to the production and presentation of architectural evidence – buildings and urban environments and their media representations.

In the exhibition, Archeology of the Present: Memory, Media, Matter, Forensic Architecture presents a show developed specially for Zeppelin University. Three FA works are presented, which exemplify the methodologies of the collective and each align with one the three terms: ‘memory’, ‘media’, ‘matter’. The first, ‘memory’, traces the course of a US drone strike in October 2010 in Mir Ali, Pakistan. Under the term ‘media’, FA has collected photographs, satellite images, media reports and amateur films in order to reconstruct the buildings and events of a US air strike from March 2017, which targed the al-Jinah Mosque in Syria. The third example, under the term ‘matter’, is the ongoing Ground Truth project, which documents Bedouin inhabitants in the Negev/Naqab Desert by reconciling historical aerial photographs with recent innovations in photogrammetry and aerial imaging. By juxtaposing these images, FA shows that the desert – contrary to official Israeli statements – was inhabited by Bedouins well before the state of Israel was formed in 1948.

The exhibition project is supported by GLS Treuhand eV and the Fränkel Foundation.

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Previous exhibitions

New Eelam

Fall Term 2017 | NEW EELAM
Christopher Kulendran Thomas & Annika Kuhlmann
cool-elegant, modular experience suite promotes the vision of a postnational and flexible life beyond a permanent residence and territorially bounded citizenship

07 | 09 - 01 | 12 | 2017

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Spring Term 2017 | Dan Perjovschi
Wall drawings on the blackboard walls of the ZF Campus & in the artsprogram White Box

03 | 03 – 30 | 05 | 2017

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Falsnaes White Box

Fall Term 2016 | Christian Falsnaes

Masculine demeanor as a consequence of social power relations between artist and audience

10 | 09 – 30 | 11 | 2016

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Learning Community

Spring Term 2016 | Project "Learning Community“

with Gintersdorfer/Klaßen, Margit Czenki, raumlabor berlin and participants

Artistic direction: Caroline Brendel & Luzi Gross

Intendants: Prof. Dr. Karen van den Berg & Curator Ulrike Shepherd

12 | 02 – 30 | 05 | 2016 

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Imaginary Archive

Fall Term 2015 | Gregory Sholette

with Marcel Kalberer and participants

Imaginary Archive | Zeppelin University Edition

12 | 09 – 26 | 11 | 2015

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