Chair of Public Management & Public Policy


With over two trillion euros of public debt and an ongoing debate on sustainable public services, efficient public management becomes increasingly important. This often remains undetected until it comes to the closure of public facilities (such as swimming pools and theatres), cuts to public duties, and price increases for water supply or waste disposal. In spite of the necessary fiscal consolidation, sustainable public  performance and quality-oriented services of general interest can only be achieved  by effective management and highly qualified executives.

In the politico-administrative system, Public Management masters leadership and goal-oriented organisation of the public sector and its entities. One of its major challenges is the effective and efficient implementation of public interest, despite rationality conflicts and pending scarcities.

The civil service, with 4.6 million employees, is the biggest employer in Germany. The public management sector offers special career prospects and job opportunities to qualified graduates in public companies, city administrations and non-profit organizations (NPOs). However, public management also opens job opportunities for students...

  • who are interested in working in private companies with a public task reference or within a public-private partnership.
  • or who are looking for an occupation in a private company but want to gain founded insights into socio-political and economic challenges of the public sector.

Service Learning

Service Learning is an educational approach that combines learning objectives with community service in order to provide a learning experience while meeting societal needs. Consequently, the goal of this concept is to use theoretical and methodological knowledge of lectures to work on a practically relevant problem. Scientific contents („Learning“) are combined with social commitment („Service“).

Practice partners (e.g. state-owned enterprises, NPOs, public administrations etc) raise problems - and we deal with those problems, analyze them in depth and propose scientific-based solutions. Society, students, practice partners and university education benefit from those projects. If you are interested in a service learning-cooperation, please contact us directly!


You want to advance an important topic with the ZU-Spirit and to learn for the future shaping of our democratic community? There are still opportunities for bachelor and master theses at the Chair of Public Management & Public Policy in the coming semesters. Possible topics should be within the scope of our research projects or in areas that have a spill-over effect on our research field.

On our chair homepage you will find short project descriptions in the research section. Under subject-related media presence we offer an overview of the discussion of our studies in the media. We can also offer internships together with project partners. If you are interested, we look forward to hearing from you!

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