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For Students
It is one of our main tasks to support students in the acquisition and expansion of their search and information competences. Therefore, we regularly offer the following tutorials:

  • introduction to the library use and literature search (obligatory for first semester students as part of their curriculum)
  • search updates for bachelor and master graduates
  • taylor-made tutorials (topic- or subject-specific) on search and information competence
  • guided tours of the library

For Scholars
We offer a personal information session to new scholars to give them a short introduction to our library. Additionally, we regularly offer our scholars an overview of new tool and search sources in the context of special offers.

Dates for Tutorials
Currently, we are revising our calendar of tutorials. We will inform you about the new dates in due time.
Of course we also offer tutorials beyond those listed in our calendar upon individual arrangement. If you require such a tutorial, please contact Heike Schiele (

Of course you can contact us directly any time you have questions. No matter if it is personally, by telephone, or by e-mail – we are there for you.


Schiele, Heike Dipl Bibl
Head of Library
Phone:+49 7541 6009-1181
Room:FAB 3 | 0.19