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Research at the Leadership Excellence Institute Zeppelin | LEIZ

In addition to basic scientific research, the LEIZ makes an immediate and innovative contribution towards solving different management problems in an international context by means of its application-oriented research and development. These include among others:

  • Leadership Excellence as the Triad of Individual, Organizational, and Institutional Character
  • Further Development of Governance Ethics
  • Value Management as a Tool for Corporate Development

The research results of the LEIZ bridge the university and managerial practice, and additionally provide an important impetus for the teaching at universities and other institutions of the tertiary sector, as well as for continuing education in organizations.

Current Research Project

Shared Value: Empirical Analysis to Evaluate and Control CSR

On behalf of the Federal Ministry of Labor and Social Affairs (BMAS), the LEIZ is carrying out a "Research Study on the Development and Implementation of an Empirical Survey of the Validity and Effectivity of a CSR Evaluation and Controlling Instrument". The starting point of the study is an instrument that was developed in the context of a preceding study in the years 2011/2012. The results of this preceding study on "Measuring and Illustrating the Correlation between CSR Commitment and Competitiveness of Companies in Germany" can be found on the internet page of the BMAS. Titled "Shared Value durch Stakeholder Governance" (Wieland / Heck 2013), a more comprehensive elaboration of the suggested concept was published. Now, comprehensive empirical research is being carried out, involving practical partners. The project started on January 01, 2014, and will be completed in November 2014.

Additional Ongoing and Completed Projects

  • Discourse and doctoral platform "Ethics and Responsible Leadership", together with the Wittenberg Center for Global Ethics
  • Conception and development of a Transcultural Profiler: An instrument to develop transcultural competence and leadership in organizations
  • Transcultural Caravan: A study on success factors of contemporary global cooperation between economics, politics, and society along transcultural places and in different epochs of human history.
  • Shared value, corporate social responsibility, and competitiveness of organizations

New Publications

Wieland, J. (2014, im Erscheinen): Moralische Charakterbildung, Leadership
Excellence und Corporate Character. In: Zeitschrift für Wirtschaft und Unternehmensethik.

Wieland, J. (2014, im Erscheinen): Governance Ethics: Global value creation,
economic organization and normativity. Berlin: Springer.

Wieland, J., Heck, A.E.H. (2013): Shared Value durch Stakeholder Governance.
Marburg: Metropolis.

Wieland, J. (2013): Governancestrukturen des Gemeinwohls – Eine
wirtschaftsethische Skizze. In: v. Kempf, E., Lüderssen, K., Volk, K. (Hrsg.): Gemeinwohl im Wirtschaftsstrafrecht. Berlin: De Gruyter, S. 45-64.

Wieland, J. (2013): Unternehmensethik und Wertemanagement in der Medizintechnik.
In: Ungethüm, M, Kramer, W. (Hrsg.): Tuttlingen - Weltzentrum der Medizintechnik.
Innen- und Außen(an)sichten. Ostfildern: Thorbecke, S. 241-252.