ZF Endowed Chair of Virtual Reality Systems


Virtual Reality (VR) systems have gained considerable importance in recent years. They offer unique opportunities to convey complex information and contexts in an intuitive and interactive way. By creating immersive experiences, they can make a valuable contribution to educational scenarios, for example, and enable new forms of interaction and collaboration. They enable content to be presented and experienced in a vivid and interactive way.

The ZF Endowed Chair of Virtual Reality Systems is dedicated to the interdisciplinary research and application of this promising technology. With a focus on the development of effective and needs-based learning systems, the use of mixed and co-reality for hybrid experiences and research into the social impact of VR, the chair contributes to unlocking the potential of VR for education and other areas of application.

A central aspect of the Chair's work is the "Immersion Lab", which is currently being set up - an experimentation and exchange platform for research and teaching. It offers students, researchers and partners of ZU the opportunity to test and further develop their own ideas and try out the latest VR/AR technologies.

By actively involving students in the research process, the ZF Endowed Chair of Virtual Reality Systems makes an important contribution to the design of immersive educational technologies and the establishment of innovative learning and teaching methods.


The chair offers a wide range of courses that focus on teaching the fundamentals and possible applications of immersive technologies such as virtual and augmented reality. Students learn to design and fundamentally develop VR systems in an interdisciplinary context. They are encouraged to think beyond the boundaries of their own discipline and explore the interactions between VR and other fields.

This course is flanked by courses on human-computer interaction and other areas of applied computer science - always adapted to the prior knowledge and learning goals of non-computer science students with a technological affinity.

In terms of research-based learning, the focus is on promoting independent scientific work and the development and implementation of students' own project ideas. Within the "Immersion Lab", students have the opportunity to contribute and try out their own ideas, allowing them to gain valuable practical experience and make a direct contribution to the chair's research.

Research interests

  • VR as an educational technology: Effective use of VR technologies to improve learning and teaching
  • Adaptive VR educational applications: Developing and investigating adaptive VR systems for individual learning needs
  • Mixed and co-reality: Technological cooperation and collaboration of real-world and VR components in the creation of hybrid experiences
  • Social impact of VR: Social, ethical and psychological implications of VR technologies, especially in an educational context

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Zender, Raphael Prof Dr


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Gauss, Janet
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