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Partners of the Leadership Excellence Institute Zeppelin | LEIZ

The Leadership Excellence Institute Zeppelin | LEIZ is sponsored by the Karl-Schlecht Foundation KSG. In October 1998, Karl Schlecht founded the Karl-Schlecht Foundation (KSG) as a non-profit foundation under civil law, and simultaneously the family foundation KSF. You will find the mission statement by Karl Schlecht and his ideas on founding the LEIZ here.

The KSG is located in Aichtal near Stuttgart. Up to January 2012, it held 99 percent of the shares of Putzmeister Holding GmbH. At the end of January 2012, all shares of Putzmeister Holding GmbH were sold to Sany Heavy Industry Co. Ltd. The proceeds of this transaction went to 100 percent to the Karl-Schlecht Foundation. The mission of the foundation is more than ever the promotion of science and research for excellence in professional life, of training and education, the promotion of intercultural initiatives and institutions, as well as environmental protection in form of several projects.

"I am happy that the KSG has found with ZU a partner that shares its vision to elevate the education of leaders to a higher level." 

Prof Dipl.-Ing. Karl Schlecht | Chairman of the Karl-Schlecht Foundation KSG

The chairman of the Karl-Schlecht Foundation KSG, Professor h.c. Dipl.-Ing. Karl Schlecht, says, "Good leadership and right decision-making are the most important factors of success for a rich life. From my experience as an entrepreneur I know that leadership excellence requires much more than a competent application of business knowledge." A good education of leaders included "social and philosophical questions just as character building: one´s own initiative, willingness to take on responsibility, and a clear value orientation can and have to be taught." You will find additional books and downloads onthe KSG web page.

In the area of researching and developing globally accepted behavioral standards for the leading of companies, the LEIZ cooperates with the Wittenberg Center for Global Ethics and the Novartis Stiftung für Nachhaltige Entwicklung in Basel. Tools and implementation strategies of integrity and compliance management as basic element of good corporate governance are the focus of the cooperation with the Konstanz Institute of Corporate Governance (KICG), the Center for Business Compliance & Integrity, and the Forum for Compliance and Integrity, both also in Konstanz.