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Knowledge transfer

Since its foundation, Zeppelin University has committed itself to exploring questions relevant to society. At Zeppelin University, research therefore frequently means “Observe in place” – that is to say, in businesses, museums, publishing companies, theaters, city halls and ministries. And it means devising questions with solutions that could in particular arise in cooperation with social institutions. This approach intensely embeds the University in the region, which will benefit in multiple ways from the research projects.

At the same time, involving the system of social coordinates also of course refers to both federal and international problems. Civil society, sustainability or the future of family businesses are only a few examples of large topic areas to be processed at ZU which cannot be handled without regard to social relevance. An important consequence of successful and visible research on topics relevant to society are appointments to high-ranking consultancy committees. For their part, they extend the social impact of the research results.

For further information on knowledge transfer at ZU, see here.