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StudentCare is a board position of the StudentLounge, which advocates for topics related to the psychological wellbeing at Zeppelin University.

For the successful realization, the team of four refers to the theoretical concept of “self-compassion” by psychiologist Dr. Kristin Neff.
The implementation of “self-compassionate thinking” combines the promotion of the elements self-love, solidarity and mindfulness. Accordingly, StudentCare strives to offer ZU students the opportunity to conquer their psychological stress by practicing mindfulness, self-love and joint open communication regarding topics pertaining to psychological health.

Furthermore, external psychologists are available to students, answering personal question and difficulties regarding their studies. The questions and concerns may regard orientation, decision-making, conflict or other stressors and difficulties. The offer is free of charge, confidential and anonymous.






Psychological Care

The psychological service offer by the StudentCare is aimed at helping student understand and overcome difficulties – especially realize their own partaking. During conversation, a joint solution and strategy are sought out, as to how problems may be conquered. Those seeking advice are encouraged to use their resources and responsibly structure life-tasks. The service should be used as a first contact point in urgent situations of crisis or general personal needs for conversation. In case a long-term psychotherapy is advised, an orientation talk ministers the referral to a suitable institution.

Lead Psychological Care

The psychological care of StudentCare is lead as part of the cooperation agreement between ZU and two diploma psychologists. Karin Tauber and Stefan Beisswingert are not employeed by ZU, thus entirely independent and bound by confidentiality.


The psychologists are flexible in their appointments and reachable via various channels.

Karin Tauber

Dipl. Psychologist | Psychological Physiotherapist
St. Gallus Weg 5
88094 Oberteuringen
Tel.: + 49 - 178 - 5579725

Ms. Tauber ist reachable via email and by phone,als via Whats¬App under the given mobile number. Meeting points for appointments can be arranged spontaneously and according to needs.

Dipl. Psych. Stefan Beisswingert

Psychological Physiotherapist | Supervisor
Obertorstraße 2
88677 Markdorf
Tel.: 07544 - 73131

Appointments can be requested via email or by phone under the given phone number of the practice. The meeting point can be arranged individually in his practice.

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