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Individual Student Research Projects

The Humboldt-Year begins in the sixth semester – just the right time when good students feel the compelling urge to finally do something entirely on their own: the Humboldt-Year is a self-selected, specialising, individualising research orientation in consultation with a research chair or with a research alliance with the ZU either in the country or abroad.

Right from the beginning of their study program, students are afforded the opportunity through the Zeppelin Year and in particular the Zeppelin-Project to become closely involved with the techniques of scientific work and to develop and work through scientific questions on their own under the close supervision of scientists. Ideally, intentionally introducing students to scientific thought and work and fostering the acquisition of specialised knowledge through seminars helps support the development of independent research interests that influence the content and design of the Humboldt-Year.


The strong connection to the research work of a university chair or another research institution facilitates the in-depth insights into scientific practice

  • Advancement for independent scientific work
  • Development and realisation of individual project ideas and scientific foundations
  • Acquisition of in-depth specialist knowledge
  • Preparation for the challenges in designing a Bachelor's thesis


  • Semester: 6th and/or 7th semester
  • Students may opt for one of the three Humboldt-Year modules for their respective study program


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Executive Program Director | Director of Student Research
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