Chair of Art Theory & Curating


Coaching, Tools, and Theory
Teaching at the chair of Art Theory & Curating is organized in a variety of different formats, including seminars, tutorials, study trips and lectures. Incorporating texts, artifacts and field studies, we aim to provide our students with insights into the production of knowledge through artistic practice. Our focus is on the history of visual art and culture located in a wider context, drawing connections to the history of other artistic fields, such as music and the performing arts. Our theoretical approach to these artistic forms is based on relevant contemporary theories of art, theories of society and current contributions to aesthetic discourse. With this, we aim to gain a better understanding of the conditions of art production and the role of artistic practice in society.

Art is understood as a practice of sensual reflection. We therefore develop and organize events and projects, which seek to familiarize students directly with artistic practices, such as drawing, photography, film, improvisation etc. (e.g. in LIKWI). We also encourage students to explore curatorial strategies (e.g. in the course of the Zeppelin University’s artsprogram).

In addition, we make sure that theoretical approaches are closely intertwined with curatorial projects, such as exhibitions, public interventions, festivals and experimental symposia. Cultural events that have been designed by or with the help of students develop regularly from the context of our classroom teaching.

Our teaching in this area is designed to enable students to express and implement their own ideas as well as to be able to present artistic content by others. We aim to prepare graduates to become both theoretically informed and conceptually independent decision-makers in the art world.

The chair is responsible for courses and seminars on the following areas:

  • Aesthetics and Theory of Art
  • Art History
  • Curating and Staging Practice
  • Image Analysis
  • Introductory Courses on Cultural Studies
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