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About the Program

In order to support international students to do a research project at Zeppelin University (ZU), we designed the Visiting Student Research Program.

This program includes scholarships for travel and conference costs, academic supervision, advisory service for accommodation, visa and insurance as well as language courses and cultural activities. The program is part of the project Research-based Learning 2.0 funded by the State Ministry of Baden-Wuerttemberg for Sciences, Research and Arts and has been successfully starting in Fall 2019. The program aims to contribute to a fruitful international exchange in the field of student research.

Student Research at ZU

Zeppelin University pursues an interdisciplinary, individualised and international approach in its teaching; research is a key focus for students from the outset of their study program. Problem-oriented and research-based learning facilitate an individualised study program and allows students to explore new horizons in communicating scientific work and practical knowledge.

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Costs & Living

Visiting students do not pay tuition fee at ZU. They can apply for a scholarship for their travel costs (application form see below). They are expected to pay the living costs. Average costs of living in Friedrichshafen including meals, rent and transportation are about 600.00 – 800.00 Euros per month.



  • Research Semester Fall: 01 June
  • Research Semester Spring: 01 November

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Kathrin Isabelle Krautheimer
Project: "Research-based Learning 2.0"
Phone: +49 7541 6009-1138

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Visiting Students

Brendan James Kazmierczak | Australia

Home University: Western Sydney University (Australia)
Research semester: Fall 2019
Research focus: Comparison between the legal frameworks for skilled-work migration in Australia and Germany
Supervisor: Prof Dr Georg Jochum

What Brendan says about his research, motivation and Friedrichshafen…

There are several aspects of my research that are both interesting and surprising. In considering that my research is about the global issue of skill gaps in employment, it surprised me that while the perception of this issue is severe, there not only is a lack of consensus regarding what the effective and ineffective strategies are, but there has been no significant attempt to address this issue.

Brendan Kazmierczak aus dem Visiting Student Research Program der Zeppelin Universität

However, over time, it has been interesting to find that there are so many factors (legal, economic, political, sociological) that influence the level of severity in these gaps. This new awareness about the complexity of this issue has allowed me to understand the difficulty the various stakeholders have to address the issue. Even though my research will solely focus on the legal factors, it is still quite a sizeable topic to research. I also found that in comparing the legal frameworks between Australia and Germany and their ability to fill these skill gaps, there are significant differences regarding the process for potential migrants to adhere to.

While I had the standard motivations to make my research abroad (like having the opportunity to go overseas, experiencing a new and unique environment and getting myself out of my comfort zone to study outside of Australia), I wanted to do my research program abroad for a few reasons.

"Doing my research abroad gave me the possibility to access opportunities and experience I would not have been able to participate in if I completed my research in Australia. For example, I will be attending a conference in Cologne regarding research collaboration and networking."

Brendan James Kazmierczak about his exchange

Completing my research project abroad has allowed me to implement a new dynamic to my research; a comparison between Australia and Germany rather than a simple critique of Australia’s migration legal framework. I have also had the opportunity to discuss my research with others, which has allowed me to understand certain concepts better and brainstorm ideas, especially in compiling my research for the German elements of the comparison.

My favourite aspect of my research stay is the friendly environment of Friedrichshafen. Aside from how picturesque Friedrichshafen is, staying here has been relaxing, everyone that I have spoken to or interacted with have been extremely friendly (and always offering a beer!) and this allowed me to settle in quite quickly. Considering this was my first time studying overseas, it was a relief that the surrounding environment was calm and allowed me to feel at home. I have also thoroughly enjoyed the experience of meeting new people, seeing different places and creating amazing memories that I will not forget. Being able to complete my research in a different environment is an experience that not many get to experience, and I am privileged and thankful for this opportunity.

Wendy van Eyck | South Africa

Home University: University of Pretoria (South Africa)
Research semester: Fall 2019
Research focus: Leadership and Sustainable Development Goals
Supervisors: Willem Fourie (University of Pretoria) and Dominik Fischer (Zeppelin University)

What Wendy says about her research, motivation and Friedrichshafen…

Wendy van Eyck aus dem Visiting Student Research Program der Zeppelin Universität

My research project focuses on which leadership capacities contribute to a multistakeholder partnership successfully realizing a project contributing to the Sustainable Development Goals. I'm focusing on a single case study in Eswatini (formerly Swaziland). I thought that I would uncover important leadership capacities that individuals possessed however I found in the research evidence that the real strength lay in how the leaders combined their capacities to achieve this shared goal.

"The University is a great size to quickly make you feel at home, everyone is friendly, and I loved being able to spend some time running and walking at the Bodensee. It's also well situated to explore a number of neighbouring countries in Europe which made for some good day trips."

Wendy van Eyck about her exchange

I am participating in the MPhil in Development Practice with a focus on the SDGs in South Africa at the University of Pretoria. The University of Pretoria is participating in a joint international funded research project between the two institutes, which focuses on the role of leadership in implementing and achieving the Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs). The research compares multi-sector partnership practices and the implications for leadership in Germany and South Africa. As a result, I felt that Zeppelin University was well-positioned for me to undertake a research exchange. It also provided an opportunity to understand the phenomenon of leadership in the context of the SDGs from different cultural perspectives.

Hlulani Mathebula | South Africa

Home University: University of Pretoria (South Africa)
Research semester: Fall 2019
Research focus: Disclosure trends regarding the balance of reporting
Supervisors: Pieter Conradie (University of Pretoria) and Dominik Fischer (Zeppelin University)

What Hlulani says about her research, motivation and Friedrichshafen…

My research project is about integrated reporting and I find it particularly revealing that it is not yet understood by management of different companies and therefore they cannot fully benefit from all the opportunities it offers. Integrated reporting speaks a lot about leadership and the future of business so being able to do a research on this provides me with a broader worldview on business operations and the future of where companies and their management are heading.

Hlulani Mathebula aus dem Visiting Student Research Program der Zeppelin Universität

"The university is well organized with a beautiful library that has variety of different sources useful for both understanding the German culture and helping with my research work. I honestly loved working in such a quiet environment for my research."

Hlulani Mathebula about her exchange

I think that the exposure to a different culture and environment is always good. This motivated me to do my research abroad.

Such an experience also provides one with the opportunity to learn, engage and build strong connections. Friedrichshafen has the most beautiful lake and I enjoyed visiting the lake for swimming and sunsets. People in and outside of the university are really friendly and welcoming. There was always someone willing to assist me and that really made me feel at home away from home. Also my co-supervisor was always available at the university to assist if I had any questions.

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