Organizational Chart

Members of the Board

Mühlhahn, Klaus
Mühlhahn, Klaus Prof Dr
President | Managing Director
Phone:+49 7541 6009-1111
Fax:+49 7541 6009-1109
Room:Kolon 3.08
Achtziger, Anja
Achtziger, Anja Prof Dr
Vice President Research |
Head of Center for Consumer, Markets & Politics | CCMP
Phone:+49 7541 6009-1376
Fax:+49 7541 6009-1399
Room:Semi 1.05
Behnke, Joachim
Behnke, Joachim Prof Dr rer pol
Vice President Teaching and Learning |
Academic Program Director Politics, Administration & International Relations | BA/MA PAIR | MA IRPG |MA PMD
Phone:+49 7541 6009-1431
Fax:+49 7541 6009-1499
Room:Semi 0.02
Peter, Franziska
Peter, Franziska Prof Dr
Academic Program Director BA CME, MA GEMA, MSc CME
Phone:+49 7541 6009-2231
Fax:+49 7541 6009-1299
Room:Semi 1.06

Managing Board

Brand, Lennart
Brand, Lennart Dr
Director of Enterprise & Advancement
Managing Director of Leadership Excellence Institute Zeppelin
Phone:+49 7541 6009-1144
Fax:+49 7541 6009-1149
Room:FAB 3 | 1.69
Lucarelli, Ute
Lucarelli, Ute Dr phil
Director of Strategy & Communication
Phone:+49 7541 6009-1114
Fax:+49 7541 6009-1199
Room:Kolon 3.02
Giessmann, Wolfgang
Giessmann, Wolfgang MBA
Director of Assets & Operations | Prokurist
Phone:+49 7541 6009-2155
Fax:+49 7541 6009-1139
Room:Semi 1.39
Manger, Michael
Manger, Michael Dr jur
Director of HR & Services | Prokurist
Phone:+49 7541 6009-2151
Fax:+49 7541 6009-1109
Room:Kolon 3.06
Kurtz, Angela
Kurtz, Angela Dipl Verw
Director of Student Life Cycle & International Affairs
Phone:+49 7541 6009-2040
Fax:+49 7541 6009-3009
Room:FAB 3 | 0.37

Organizational Chart Administrative Staff

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Academic organization chart

To download the organization chart please click on the image.

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