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Ecke Bonk, chaosmos soundings II (2011)
Ecke Bonk, chaosmos soundings II (2011)

Music at the University: Choir, Ensemble-Music and Concerts

The music strand of the artsprogram aims to support the musical abilities of students through a variety of activities, to create platforms that allow for encounters with music as well as the organisation of public concerts.

The Choir at ZU

Since the foundation of Zeppelin University, a mixed choir led by singer, pianist and conductor Ina Weißbach has been in existence. Over this period, the choir’s repertoire and program has spanned a variety of musical forms, from madrigals to pop songs, from chorales to an opera by Kurt Weill. The concerts have taken place both within the context of ZU events, such as ‘Long Night of Music’ (Lange Nacht der Musik), and in churches around the city of Friedrichshafen.

Ecke Bonk, chaosmos soundings II (2011)

Music at the University | Impressions of the "Long Night of Music" and more

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Jazz and Rock bands at ZU
Zeppelin University also provides rehearsal rooms and equipment on its campus for jazz and rock musicians. For years, and with changing line-ups, there has been a jazz band called ‘Luftschiffkapelle’ that has performed successfully both within and outside the University. In addition, there have been a number other musical groups over the years that complemented the musical spectrum at ZU.

Classical Chamber Music at ZU
Students who play classical music regularly stage self-organized ensemble concerts. A variety of gifted musicians have found their way to the University, either before or after their instrumental studies. They have been involved in several concerts, including those using Zeppelin University’s very own Steinway piano.

Lecture Concerts

Another element of the artsprogram’s music strand has been the invitation of interesting musicians and extraordinary ensembles to present and discuss their work thematically, including the vocal artist Christian Reiner as well as the ‘Pavillon Trio”, who all spoke on the topic of improvisation. In a different event, a fascinating confrontation of renaissance and contemporary music was presented to the audience by ‘Ensemble Unidas’.


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