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Chair of Innovation, Technology & Entrepreneurship


  • Which attitudes and intentions influence the next generation of entrepreneurs in family businesses? What are the special challenges and chances in the succession in family businesses - from the perspective of the next generation of entrepreneurs - and what are the reasons for this? Which possibilities of qualification does the next generation of entrepreneurs aim for to prepare for the management succession in family businesses? Which role do family businesses play in the system of innovations? Which new business models are successful in the market - and why they and not different ones? What are the special challenges and chances of family entrepreneurship? (Research Focus "Family Entrepreneurship")
  • Which role do users (especially so-called "lead users") play in the innovation process, and why is this source of innovation - underestimated for so long - dramatically increasing in importance? (Research Focus: "Open Innovation/User Innovation/Lead User Research")
  • Which (additional) markets exist for already existing technological solutions and can they be discovered systematically? How can industry-specific and disciplinary barriers be overcome to use findings from analog areas for the development of groundbreaking innovations? How can a sensible balance be kept between the use of existing resources and the exploration of new areas? (Research Focus "Technological Competence Leveraging")
  • Under which conditions does it make sense to involve company external problem solvers and experts into the innovation process? Which methods can be applied to efficiently find company-external problem solvers and experts? Why and under which conditions do these search methods work? (Research Focus "Search (Methods)")

  • We publish the results of our mainly empirically oriented research activities preferably in renowned international journals and try to make the gained knowledge available both to students in the context of academic teaching, and to corporate practice in mutual projects.