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Zeppelin University sees itself as an entrepreneurial university for the next generation of entrepreneurs. As a university bridging business, culture, and politics ZU is not only focused on classical, profit-oriented company start-ups, but also promotes social, political, and cultural entrepreneurship.

Special Study Concepts: Fundamentals of Entrepreneurship

Special Study Concepts: Fundamentals of Entrepreneurship

The promotion of pioneers is an integral part of ZU´s DNA. And that is why ZU gives wide scope to the founding ideas of its students. In our incubator, the PioneerPort, students learn to think entrepreneurially, regardless of their field of study or the start-up idea. Founders can rely on our coaching and the highly competent network of alumni, represents of the startup scene as well as experts in the field of entrepreneurship, under the best conditions. We pay special attention to the topic of multi-valued entrepreneurship.

At a glance, the offer of the PioneerPort includes the following areas:

The Pioneer Deck represents the co-working area of the PioneerPort. Here the founders find the necessary infrastructure to succeed in the first steps of their own business story. In addition to the well-equipped workplaces, rooms, and a tea kitchen, the Pioneer Deck offers the possibility for the entrepreneurs and teams to solve upcoming problems in the interaction among each other.

The Shipyard of the PioneerPort is the area for individual training and coaching. Here we help with all questions concerning Exist start-up scholarships or business plans, as well as offering support around the combination of study and entrepreneurship. Those students interested in coaching will find support in our broad network of experienced founders and alumni. In addition to that, through the consulting office the PioneerPort offers individual training by an experienced coach. This offer is open to every student and a contact point for all ZU students with interest in entrepreneurship.

To our RacingTeams, the top founding teams that have made more progress in their conception and have been able to convince an expert jury of their business idea, the PioneerPort offers particularly exclusive support. This includes providing workplaces at the PioneerDeck, exclusive workshops as well as ongoing expert advice and support by experienced mentors. Qualification for admission to this top-level support requires successful participation in an application process.

For those who are either not sure if they want to start a business or just want to complete their knowledge of starting up a business, the PioneerSchool - together with the student start-up initiative “Tatendrang” - holds a variety of exciting events around the topic entrepreneurship. The goal is to activate the start-up motivation of students and to convey the knowledge that is essential for a successful founding. In the StartUpClass, which was founded by Tatendrang, topics relevant to founding are worked on, from the development of ideas through the creation of a business plan to the creation of a market, with the support of experts. And with the workshop "Value-Added Entrepreneurship" (Mehrwertiges Unternehmertum), this topic is also integrated into the curricula of our degree programs.

Just like ZU, our PioneerPort is also closely linked to the region. Students from the Lake Constance region get in touch with the topic entrepreneurship in formats such as summer schools etc. Here, alumni and students from other universities can familiarize themselves with the topic, and companies can find concentrated workshops on selected, current topics in the context of entrepreneur- and intrapreneurship.

At ZU, students and alumni have already founded more than 120 companies. Among the best known are the bus pioneers of DeinBus.de, the social enterprise "Rock Your Life!", the publishing house for 3D-printed design objects "Stilnest" and "unu", developer and supplier of electric scooters.

Global University Entrepreneurship Spirit Students´ Survey, 09-2012
Within Germany, students of Zeppelin University are the most likely company founders of all students of jurisprudence, business, and social sciences.
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Gründungsradar Stifterverband für die Deutsche Wissenschaft, 11-2013
In the category "small universities" ZU reaches sixth place and thus is one of the universities acting as a role model concerning start-ups.

ZU Among the Leading Places for Student Start-Ups

Zeppelin University is one of the leading places for student start-ups in Germany. This is the result of the study "Results of the Global University Entrepreneurial Spirit Students´ Survey (GUESS) 2013/14 - Entrepreneurial Intentions and Activities by Students in Germany", carried out by the University of St Gallen and the consultancy Ernst & Young. According to this study, every fourth ZU student has already started a company, or is actively doing so.
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ZU PioneerPort

More than 100 Foundings since 2003

Rock Your Life!
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Long-distance transport all over Germany
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