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Honorary Professor of the Strategy & Governance of Family Entrepreneurship


What are the special characteristics of the growth of family businesses? To whom and to how many following partners should proprietorship of the company be given? What does leadership mean, especially in a family business? And which strategic steps should family businesses take for the future?

These are some of the questions addressed by Honorary Professor Dr Hermut Kormann in his research and teaching. Since 2009 Professor Dr Hermut Kormann has been part of the FIF. His career has changed between publicly traded companies (ABB) and family businesses, his last position being that of the CEO of Voith AG. Professor Kormann is fascinated by the numerous dimensions of the strategy of family businesses where not only the business strategy has to be developed, but also the impulse resulting from the strategy of the owners and the family´s group dynamics have to be considered.

Kormann, Hermut apl. Prof Dr




Kormann, Hermut apl. Prof Dr
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