Event City Logistics: Where planned and market solutions collide

The rapid growth of e-commerce has inevitably led to an increase in logistics and delivery traffic, which presents a particular challenge in urban areas where space is already limited. Municipal regulators and the urban planning and construction sectors face the daunting task of managing this increase in traffic while balancing the needs of local businesses, residents and vulnerable road users.

Yesterday at Zeppelin University, leading experts came together to address these pressing issues at our 14th Match Making Event on Urban Logistics. After an introduction by Julian Gedemer from Städtetag Baden-Württemberg and e-mobil BW GmbH, we explored together how mobility data and digital solutions can revolutionize urban logistics, making it more efficient, safer and more environmentally friendly.

Prof. Andreas Helferich from Baden-Württemberg Connected e.V. and ITS Germany e.V.
Susanne Smyrek from HERE Technologies

Our distinguished speakers, including Prof. Andreas Helferich from Baden-Württemberg Connected e.V. and ITS Germany e.V., Dr. Tobias Lukowitz from Seven Principles Mobility GmbH, Susanne Smyrek from HERE Technologies, shared valuable insights into the importance of data in urban logistics and practical solutions from industry leaders.

From discussions on digital planning tools to real-life case studies such as the Digital Delivery Zone Management in the state capital Stuttgart, presented by Jörg Otto, we explored the tangible benefits of innovative logistics solutions for the "last mile" and discussed strategies for their implementation in municipalities.

The event concluded with presentations on funding opportunities by Ulyana Vynyarchuk and Dr. Sami Rabieh, as well as a captivating keynote by Prof. Dr. Wolfgang H. Schulz and Judith Kurte, who offered an interdisciplinary perspective on urban logistics and future prospects.

Special thanks to all speakers and participants for their dedicated discussions and contributions!

Feel free to contact us and let's shape the future of urban mobility together!

Final picture with the speakers
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