Completed PhD Projects

Christina Buck

Christina Buck

Dissertation project

Conveying artistic Epistemes Higher Education Institutions and Universities

The dissertation project deals with attempts to convey artistic epistemes at higher education institutions and universities. This includes study programs, which aim to integrate art and design practices beyond artistic training. The dissertation is looking at the various ways, in which business management programs adapt concepts of artistic knowledge production and what the arguments and methods are, by which they are introduced. In times of an omnipresent creative imperative, it appears to be no coincidence that artistic strategies and other forms of knowledge that is idiosyncratic to individuals is highlighted within the context of education. However, the various approaches, formats and theories that grapple with this topic are diverse. Based on the strong interrelation with economic concerns, it is questionable whether there is really a new understanding of education at the heart of this change. Rather it seems important to ask, whether these are new strategies by which to justify economic behavior and leadership practices. The research project will thus also include a differentiated consideration of a number of exemplary cases. Special attention will hereby be paid to an ethnographic analysis of universities as social spaces. 

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