Visiting Professor of Methods of Behavioral and Brain Research


Bruno Preilowski has been Visiting Professor of Methods of Behavioral and Brain Research at Zeppelin University since 2010. He is the founder and director of the Hugo-Eckener-Laboratory | HEL.
Professor Preilowski is a clinical neuro-psychologist (GNP) and has been licensed as "Psychologischer Psychotherapeut", as well as "Kinder- und Jugendlichenpsychotherapeut". He received his academic education at the Universität Marburg, Tulane University (New Orleans, LA, USA), and the California Institute of Technology CALTECH (Pasadena, CA, USA). He has taught and researched at universities in Poland, the USA, Mexico, Japan, Australia, and New Zealand. At the universities in Konstanz and Tübingen, he represented the following areas in teaching and research: experimental psychology and biological/physiological psychology, as well as experimental and clinical neuropsychology. His distinctions include the honorary membership of the Society for Neuropsychology, the "Plaque of Appreciation" of the Tokyo Society of Medical Sciences and Faculty of Medicine, the University of Tokyo, Tokyo (Japan), as well as the "Plaque of Recognition" of the Yonsei University, Seoul (Republic of Korea).

Research Focus Areas

  • Asymmetries of facial perception and facial expression;
  • Gaze behavior in the evaluation of face chimeras;
  • Application of functional near-infrared spectroscopy to prove asymmetrical cerebral cognitive processes, e.g. approach - avoidance reactions.
  • The influence of subjectively felt versus objectively measured excitement when perceiving different presented content (e.g. advertising) on remembering this content


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