The Hugo-Eckener-Laboratory | HEL

The Hugo-Eckener-Laboratory has been designed as a cross-departmental institution on training, research, and consulting in methods of experimental psychology and brain research.

Official Opening of the Hugo-Eckener-Labor | HEL at the Zeppelin University

Official Opening of the Hugo-Eckener-Labor | HEL at the Zeppelin University

The laboratory offers students of ZU the chance to gain and scientifically prove knowledge in experimental psychology and behavioral and brain research. As an interface between science and practice, it supports the concept of the university to encourage the independent acquisition and demonstration of knowledge and skills.

The experimental equipment of the laboratory has been made possible - among others - by the support of decode, so that meanwhile measurements of choice reactions & emotional activation, of eye movement and pupillary changes, and of blood circulation variations in the cortex close to the cranium can be carried out.


  • Courses with internships on methods of behavioral and brain research
  • Short introductions to typical methods and the used hard- and software


  • Behavioral experiments (presentation techniques, reaction measurements)
  • Psychophysiological measurements (e.g. EEG, GSR, eye-tracking, imaging techniques (fNIRS))
  • Guidance on carrying out pilot experiments using the equipment available at the laboratory


  • Consulting in planning experiments as well as in procuring equipment and software
  • Organization of demonstrations of different hardware and software producers


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