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ZF Friedrichshafen Chair for Strategic Management & Human Resources Management


The research agenda of the ZF Friedrichshafen chair comprises central topics in strategic and human resources management.

Our special research interests include the strategic organization of firms (strategic alliances, joint ventures, project-related collaborations), the design of governance structures to enable and promote creative processes, different aspects of teamwork (diversity, familiarity, supervision/monitoring), as well as remuneration, motivation and incentives.

Typically, our research is situated in a specific industry context. Previous applications comprise car manufacturing, institutions of higher education and higher education systems, strategy consultancies, Internet start-ups, as well as the film and music industry. With these latter studies the chair takes part in the university-wide interdisciplinary research group "Cultural Production of the Next Society". 

Center for Cultural Production

Current research projects deal with topics like, for example, "Cultural Discount and International Collaborations" or the "Strategic Supplier Restructuring in German Car Manufacturing".

Research Projects