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ZF Friedrichshafen Chair for Strategic Management & Human Resources Management


The ZF Friedrichshafen Chair for Strategic Management & Human Resources Management offers both, introductory and advanced courses at the bachelor, master, and doctoral level.

The advanced courses address students of all four major subjects who would like to get a deeper insight into management and personnel related tasks preparing for a management career.

The teaching of specific contents is always driven by theory, i.e. students become acquainted with the theoretical bases of the subject and get a deeper insight into current research. Dealing with theory, however, is always related to practice with the starting point being a relevant practical issue. Moreover, the theories discusses are complemented with empirical evidence. Such a combination is intended to qualify students for independent scientific work and an analysis of real world problems that is grounded in theory.

A further aim of our education is the systematic promotion and refinement of the students’ analytical and conceptual skills. The ability to address challenging topics in a structured and differentiated way is a prerequisite for future leaders in business, cultural or political institutions.

Finally, and in a broader context, we try to raise our students’ awareness of social relationships and the diverse reasons for problems within these relationships. They should be able to take on an active and constructive role when overcoming economic challenges in both their professional sphere and society.