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Chair of Public Management & Public Policy


In the politico-administrative system, the major questions of the future are complex and interdisciplinary. For this reason, our chair of Public Management & Public Policy conducts research at the interface between business administration, public administration, political sciences and law. Public Managmenet analyses the goal-oriented development and management of the public sector and its entities.

Against the background of critical challenges – like high public debt and demographic changes – a key issue of Public Management & Public Policy is how public services can be fulfilled in an effective and efficient way under the condition of scarcity and rationality conflicts (e.g. conflicts between political, economic and legal rationalities). With a view to Theodore Lowi's thesis "policies determine politics" we try to consider problems and research questions from a Public Management and a Policy Research perspective.

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  • With our research, we seek to contribute new insights to the scientific field and to solve practically relevant problems. We often work with internationally comparative reserarch designs. We use the geographic location of the Zeppelin University at the "trilateral" border as a special chance for comparisons between Germany, Austria and Switzerland - besides our other international research activities.
  • Our teaching is research-based as well as closely oriented on practical issues. Theoretical foundation and empirical findings are guiding principles for our teaching, too. In our courses, our students develop competences for the public sector in a national and international context, but also for the private sector. Moreover, an individual development of our students' personalities is important for us. This in one reason for using "Service Learning" as a form of teaching and conduct teaching / research projects with our cooperation partners.
Papenfuß, Ulf Prof Dr






Papenfuß, Ulf Prof Dr
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Room:FAB 3 | 1.23
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Holder, Christine
Phone:+49 7541 600-1303

Research Fellows


Keppeler, Florian
Research Fellow
Phone:+49 7541 6009-1442
Fax:+49 7541 6009-1399
Room:FAB 3 | 1.18

Christian Schmidt

Schmidt, Christian M Sc

Research Fellow (external)
Chair of Public Management & Public Policy

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Student Research Assistants

Antonia Sattlegger

Sattlegger, Antonia

Bachelor student

                                           Schmid, Lukas

                                        Bachelor student


Riedel, Rebecca
Bachelor student (external)

                                          Dechow, Mirko

                          Master student (external)

Lukas Schmid
Mirko Dechow

External Research Fellows

Tom Sandig M Sc |