Institute of Entrepreneurship & Finance


The Institute for Entrepreneurship and Finance was founded in January 2008 as a co-venture between Zeppelin University and Buchanan GmbH. With the Institute for Entrepreneurship and Finance, the two partners have made it their mission to conduct real-world research in an interdisciplinary and individualized way, and therefore to promote a closer link between universities and the industry in the area of finance and capital markets. The aim of this initiative was the development of a comprehensive understanding of the challenges of contemporary financial and capital markets, as well as the targeted education of students and the advancement of their talents regarding these issues.

With respect to the current challenges facing the economy, the Institute for Entrepreneurship and Finance sees core implications for management and research rooted in the link between entrepreneurship and finance. These implications relate mainly to small and medium sized enterprises, but listed corporations and their governance requirements are to be made available for description and debate as well. The financial sector, with all its institutions and instruments, is subject to a constant change, which we analyse from the joint perspective of entrepreneurship and finance. The institute accommodates these requirements by taking a comprehensive approach to research and teaching that keeps a consistent focus on financial and capital markets as well as on financing instruments. 

In its approach to teaching, the institute aims at educating all-rounders capable of specialization, students who not only possess financial skills, but who also have the ability of recognizing systemic linkages and considering these from multiple perspectives. Students should learn to interpret finance from an interdisciplinary theoretical perspective and to understand it in its embededness into the societal, entrepreneurial and individual demands of all stakeholders involved in the economy.

With its research, the institute primarily follows a theory-based empirical approach. Our research aims at producing results of high quality and visibility, which contribute to the international profile of Zeppelin University on the one hand and which have high explanatory power, as well as the potential for practical guidance, on the other hand. In this, the institute can rely on valued international partners. A guiding principle of our institute is the engagement in partnerships with research institutes and researchers in the areas of financial institutions and capital markets. 

Zeppelin University considers itself an innovative and research driven university that stands out by delivering research and teaching on a high and internationally competitive level. Ever since its inception, the Institute for Entrepreneurship and Finance has been consistently implementing this multidisciplinary program in the course of its work.


Student Staff

  • Dekorsy, Maximilian | Student BA | Corporate Management & Economics
  • Kehrer, Benedikt | Student MA | Corporate Management & Economics
  • Kremer, Jannis | Student MA | Corporate Management & Economics


Academic Staff

Svetlova Ekaterina Dr phil 

Student Staff

Bredemeyer, Karl
Emmel, Gregory
Federspiel, Benedikt
Haller von Hallerstein, Hubertus
Müller, Rebekka
Pries, Jan
Roth, Tilman
Tönnesmann, Fabian
von Gilsa, Philipp
von Spiegel, Hanning

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