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Institute of Entrepreneurship & Finance


The Institute for Entrepreneurship and Finance was founded in January 2008 as a co-venture between Zeppelin University and Buchanan GmbH. With the Institute for Entrepreneurship and Finance, the two partners have made it their mission to conduct real-world research in an interdisciplinary and individualized way, and therefore to promote a closer link between universities and the industry in the area of finance and capital markets. This cooperation is grounded in the fields of entrepreneurship and finance, with a consistent perspective on capital markets and financing instruments. A guiding principle of our institute is the engagement in partnerships with research institutes and researchers in the areas of financial institutions and capital markets. The aim of this initiative was the development of a comprehensive understanding of the challenges of contemporary financial and capital markets, as well as the targeted education of students and the advancement of their talents regarding these issues. Due to the real-world approach of our research projects, enterprises and entrepreneurs can gain a deeper insight into the often complex structures of financial and capital market transactions, which can be utilized for the optimization of managerial decisions.

Partnerships in Research & Teaching