New LEIZ publication : 'Sustainable Development Goals - Perspectives from Vietnam.'

The Leadership Excellence Institute Zeppelin (LEIZ) is pleased announce the publication of Volume 10 of the Transcultural Management Series, "Sustainable Development Goals - Perspectives from Vietnam". This insightful publication, edited by Dr. Jessica Geraldo Schwengber, Tobias Grünfelder, and Prof. Josef Wieland encapsulates the diligent work of the Transcultural Student Research Groups | TSRG in 2022.

Over 20 students from Zeppelin University, HTWG Konstanz, University of Lodz, Vietnamese-German University (VGU), and Fulbright University participated in this project, which included a field research trip to Vietnam in August 2022.

The book is structured into four parts:

1. The first part provides an overview of the Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs), Southeast Asia (SEA), and Vietnam, featuring contributions from experts such as Prof. Christian von Lübke and Dr. Natalia Natalia Ratajczyk. It also includes a systematic literature review on SDGs by Dr. Jessica G. Schwengber and Lukas Belser.

2. The second part explores the relationship between the SDGs and gender, culture, and society in Vietnam. It begins with an auto-ethnography by Dr. Ngoc Lan Thi Dang on the challenges of women's careers in Vietnam. The chapter by Annika Phuong Dinh and Nguyen Thanh Thuy continues the theme by investigating how the Vietnamese education system influences gender equality. Further exploration of the factors driving gender equality is provided in the subsequent chapters by Dinh, Lisa Tran, and others, with a particular emphasis on workplace environments and leadership.

3. The third part of the book addresses environmental concerns. It includes two chapters on air pollution, one by Huynh Truong et al. and another by Diana Zervas and Raven Rudnik, as well as a chapter on plastic pollution by Dinh and others. The initial air pollution chapter discusses the issue in the Southeast Asia region broadly, while the subsequent chapter narrows the focus to Vietnam, specifically Ho Chi Minh City. The chapter on plastic pollution zeroes in on the Mekong Delta region.

4. The final part of the book concludes with two chapters that delve into management and governance. It encompasses discussions on public-private partnerships, as detailed in the chapter by Roos and others, and human resources strategies for Generation Z, as explored in the chapter by Schöler and others.

The book is available as Open Access here. For those interested in learning more about the SDGs and their implications in Vietnam, please visit the Metropolis Verlag website.

We extend our gratitude to all the authors and cooperation partners who made this project possible, including Prof. Dr. Tomasz Kaminski from Lodz University, Dr. Ngoc Lan Dang and Dr. Minh Hanh Le from Vietnamese-German University, Prof. Dr. Nam Nguyen from Fulbright University, and Prof. Dr. Christian von Luebke from HTWG Konstanz.

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