Interview by Dr. Niedenführ on Sustainable Entrepreneurship in China

We are delighted to share that Dr. Matthias Niedenführ, a Senior Research Fellow at LEIZ and the head of the “Leadership and Innovation in Asia” research focus, was recently featured in an exclusive interview series with journalist Elke Lütke-Entrup for China.org. The series, which includes insights from high-ranking experts like Jörg Wuttke, former head of the European Chamber of Commerce in Beijing, delves into specialist topics.

In his interview, Dr. Niedenführ discussed the efforts of private companies in China to enhance sustainability and their role in the government’s environmental strategy. He highlighted the severe penalties for violating environmental regulations in China, and how the government has prioritized environmental issues, demanding contributions from both state-owned and private companies.

Dr. Niedenführ’s empirical research on sustainable companies has yielded fascinating insights into firms that are making significant strides in corporate social responsibility, including environmental protection measures and employee training in sustainable consumption.


He noted that government pressure, customer demands, and business partner expectations for sustainable practices are key motivators. However, these are only realized if competitors also comply. As China transitions from a country of cheap production to one striving for top positions in all industries, sustainability can often slip down the list of priorities during periods of low growth.

Please find the complete interview on the China.org website.

With over a decade of research and work experience at East Asian universities, Dr. Niedenführ, a sinologist and business ethicist, continues to explore questions of leadership, corporate culture, and sustainability in East Asian companies.

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