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Nico Stehr, Amanda Machin

Understanding Inequality

Social Costs and Benefits

The contributions in this book highlight, contextualize and analyze different aspects of social inequality. What are the various cause and effects of inequality? How have these changed over recent decades? Which social policies might be best able to intervene? Written by authors from a variety of disciplines and geographical regions, these contributions provide a rich account of inequality within contemporary society. The role of the state, the media and the market in exacerbating and alleviating patterns of equality are all accessed alongside analysis of changing patterns of exclusion and hierarchy.

With contributions from Heribert Adam, Michaela Böhme, Federica Duca, Jarko Fidrmuc, Steve Fuller, Patricia A. Gwartney, Andreas Haupt, Martin R. Herbers, Anil Jain, Joachim Landkammer, Barbara Lange, Maren Lehmann, Charles Lemert, Dennis Lichtenstein, Adrian Louis, Amanda Machin, Scott G. McNall, Richard Münch, Reza Nakhaie, Gerd Nollmann, Markus Rhomberg, Jan Rosset, Carin Runciman, Martin Schröder, Daniel S. Schwartz, Jennifer Shore, Nico Stehr und Hermann Strasser.

Nico Stehr, Amanda Machin: „Understanding Inequality – Social Costs and Benefits“, Springer VS, Heidelberg, 427 Seiten, ISBN-10: 3658116625, ISBN-13: 978-3658116620