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Josef Wieland

Governance Ethics

Global value creation, economic organization and normativity

This book investigates the functioning and effects of moral rules and values as endogenous elements of governance structures when applied to economic and social transactions. It considers itself as a contribution to the research program of interdisciplinary Institutional Economics. The point of departure and framework of this book is Josef Wieland's theory of Ethics of Governance. Its focal point is the governance of the normative aspects of corporations. The Ethics of Governance is a comparative research project on business and economic ethics which started 15 years ago. Divided into five chapters, the book provides a comprehensive insight into the theoretical foundation and application-oriented results of the research project. It covers theoretical, conceptual and practical challenges in the global economy with regard to a sustainable economy, the social responsibility of corporations, and their transcultural and normative management. By offering comprehensive insight into the research results of the Ethics of Governance project, this book provides a unique scientific work on business and economic ethics.

Josef Wieland: „Governance Ethics: Global value creation, economic organization and normativity“, Springer VS, Heidelberg, 260 Seiten, ISBN: 978-3-319-07922-6