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Francesca Brusa

Francesca Brusa


Francesca Brusa (*1991) is a curator and author in contemporary art. She holds a BA in Economics and Management of Art, Culture and Communication from Università Bocconi in Milano, and achieved a MAS in Curating at ZHdK in Zurich. After having worked with Michelangelo Pistoletto and Bonnie Ora Sherk, she developed an independent, non institutional curatorial practice. She is co funder and curator of international, experimental art spaces like archiveboxmuseum and klarakiss.zipspace. Her research is directed towards the understanding of production processes and hidden labor in contemporary art and society. She is based between Milano and Zürich.

Dissertation project

Invisible production

The attempt to analyze the structure of contemporary artistic labor and the system of resources involved in the machine of production, is directed towards those realms which remain invisible once the work is institutionalized and enters the circuits of distribution.
“A main feature of artistic production is external workmanship, since the work of art has a purely technical side which extends into handicraft”1. The research aims to understand the evanescent border in contemporary practices between the notions of immaterial, artistic work and material, executive production.
The overlapping gaps where the authoriality connected to the two different spheres of production is undefinable, constitute the main focus of the research which aims to bring further a practical reflexion on the social character of artistic production and on the multiple nature of the labor involved in it -affective, immaterial, relational- and its waged attribution. In this regard, the research will address questions concerning the relationships between artists and assistants, artists and craftsmen, and artists and programmers, and their impact on the materiality of works of art.

1 G. W. F. Hegel, Aesthetics. Lectures on Fine Art. Volume 1. (Oxford: Oxford University Press, 1975) p. 27