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Chair of Public Management & Public Policy

Research project | Transparency, Structure and Effects of Executive Director’s Remuneration in State-Owned Enterprises

The aim of the long-term study is to analyze the disclosure and structure as well as the effects of the executive director’s compensation in German state-/municipal-owned enterprises (SOEs). Political and administrative decision making bodies as well as supervisory boards are frequently in charge of compensation decisions or decision preparation. Laws and sub-legal frameworks require the consideration of sector-specific and business environment as a benchmark for compensation decisions. Existing studies have been estimated as not sufficient to support decision making and decision preparation by practitioners. The study analyzes the compensation of executive directors of SOEs in all cities with more than 30.000 inhabitants and in all counties as well as all German savings banks ("Sparkassen"). Furthermore, all SOEs which are majority-owned and controlled by the Federal Republic of Germany and the single Federal States are analyzed. We therefore identified all SOEs of all mentioned federal levels and analyzed about 6.600 SOEs relating to compensation disclosure and structure. 

Further impressions concerning the biggest German study of compensation of executive directors of SOEs, please visit our website of the project (in German):



  • Prof Dr Ulf Papenfuß
  • M A Florian Keppeler
  • M Sc Christian Schmidt