Sep 202125Sat
13.00 o'clock – 16.00 o'clock
Friedrichshafen | Construction Site ZF Campus, von Soden Forum

Workshop | Biomimicry in Architecture

Workshop | Biomimicry in Architecture

A workshop by Michael Pawlyn

An event of the artsprogram of Zeppelin University, in cooperation with the Chamber of Architects Baden-Württemberg

In this workshop, the architect Michael Pawlyn will give an introduction to biomimicry – a rapidly developing design discipline that many regard as essential to the shift from ‘sustainable’ to ‘regenerative’ forms of design and development. The workshop includes a combination of talks, and practical exercises based on the following:

• Learning from biological structures
• Learning from biological materials
• Lessons from ecosystems and systems thinking
• Biomimetic design approaches to thermo-regulation, natural light and managing water
• Projects that involved comprehensive and integrated biomimicry
• Essential shifts in thinking required to address the planetary emergency

Biomimicry involves learning from a source of ideas that has benefitted from a 3.8 billion year research and development period. That source is the vast array of species that inhabit the earth and represent evolutionary success stories. Biological organisms can be seen as embodying technologies that are equivalent to those invented by humans and in many cases have solved the same problems with a far greater economy of means. Humans have achieved some truly remarkable things: like modern medicine and the digital revolution. However, when one sees some of the extraordinary adaptations that have evolved in natural organisms, it is hard not to feel a sense of humility about how much we still have to learn. The shift towards regenerative design and development is now essential if human civilization is to endure – we urgently need to get to the point where we are having a net positive impact and fully integrating all human activities into the web of life that supports us.

Participation is limited. Please register at rtsprgrmzppln-nvrstynt

The workshop is part of the exhibition project Apocalypse and World Salvation of the artsprogram, Zeppelin University and addresses the thematic focuses of climate salvation, utopian habitats, and architectures.

Supported by the chamber of architects, Baden- Württemberg

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