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Ethics Commission

The Ethics Commission of Zeppelin University is concerned with the following aspects:

  • Advising the President on ensuring probity in academic work
  • Ensuring the good scientific practice by implementing investigations in cases of suspected academic wrongdoing
  • Assessment from an ethical and legal viewpoint of research projects to be carried out on living creatures,
  • Protection of the individual and personal rights,
  • Protection of researchers from liability claims,
  • Sensitization for responsibility of research.

Members of the Ethics Commission

  • Prof. Dr. (Faculty of Communication & Cultural Sciences) - Chair
  • Prof. Dr. (Faculty of Political & Social Sciences)
  • Prof. Dr. (Faculty of Corporate Management & Economics)



Lucarelli, Ute Dr phil
Head of Research Funding
Phone:+49 7541 6009-1114
Fax:+49 7541 6009-1199
Room:Semi 2.44