New publication covers Relational Economics from various perspectives

Metropolis (2021)
Metropolis (2021)

Entitled “Kooperation, Governance, Wertschöpfung. Perspektiven auf eine Relationale Ökonomie” (Cooperation, Governance, Value Creation. Perspectives on Relational Economics), the book was published on the occasion of Josef Wieland’s 70th birthday. It places his current research focus in the context of the work of his long-time companions and covers Relational Economics Theory from various ankles. In collaboration with the authors, the editors aimed to discuss the potential of Relational Economics for the analysis of economic issues and starting points for future interdisciplinary research.

The editors Julika Baumann Montecinos, Dominik Fischer, and Andreas E. H. Heck describe in the preface that the volume is an “attempt to contribute to a field of research that is very dear to Josef Wieland and which he has significantly shaped through his previous and current work. Dealing with cooperation, governance, and value creation in Relational Economics is obvious if one knows him well and thinks about what drives him.”

The book’s presentation was held mostly as a video conference and surprised the jubilarian, which was a great pleasure for everyone involved. The book contains not only biographical texts and scientific discussions but also a selection of pictures arranged by the artist Harald F. Müller. It book is published at Metropolis publisher

And the presentee was delighted: “It fills me with deep joy to see that my work is being continued, that it is being reflected upon, and that it is being carried forward. And that this book itself is the result of wonderful cooperation. This is what one can only wish for as a scientist – and a person who is deeply convinced that we can and must all cooperate. So, I could hardly have been given a more beautiful gift. I would like to express my gratitude to the editors and authors.”

Table of Contents

Birger P. Priddat
Josef Wieland. Eine Hommage

Karl-Wilhelm Dahm
Begegnungen mit Josef Wieland

Rainer Öhlschläger
Rückspiegel: 30 Jahre Wirtschafts- und Unternehmensethik

Harald F. Müller
Der Mehrwert größerer Tiefe und Offenheit

Alexander Brink
Relationale Führung. Werte als Motivator und Stabilisator von Beziehungen

Adrian Zicari
Value Creation in Relational Economics

Andreas E. H. Heck, Sebastian Pforr
Relationale Ökonomik. Wertschöpfung, Innovation und Resilienz in regionalen Wertschöpfungsräumen und digitalen Ökosystemen

Jacob D. Rendtorff
Relational Economics as Polycontextual Business Ethics. Towards Conceptualization of New Conditions of Business Legitimacy in Cosmopolitan Society

Karl Homann
Moralismus und die gesellschaftlichen Folgen

Marc C. Hübscher
Erkenntnis und Ideologie. Nicht nur epistemologische Überlegungen zur Relational Economics als Politische Ökonomie

Klaus M. Leisinger
Beziehungen: Zur Komplexität eines scheinbar klaren Begriffs

Andreas Suchanek, Philipp Herold
Vertrauen als Element der Governance

Stephan Grüninger, Quirin Kissmehl
Vertrauen. Zur Relationierung von Compliance- und Integrity Management

Julika Baumann Montecinos, Jessica G. Schwengber, Tobias Grünfelder
Transcultural Education - The Transcultural Caravan as a Relational Learning Journey

Yolande Steenkamp, Dominik Fischer, Jean Müßgens, Derick de Jongh
Relational Leadership in Higher Education. Multi-Sector Partnerships (MSPs) addressing the SDGs

Werner Schiewek
Möglichkeiten der Relational Economics-Theorie im staatlichen Bereich. Herausforderung und Chance für die Polizei

Isabel Jandeisek, Maud H. Schmiedeknecht
Transparenz und Nachhaltigkeit in globalen Lieferketten. Geschäftsmodell und Management der followfood GmbH

Klaus-W. West
Relationale Dreh- und Angelpunkte der Kooperation für nachhaltige Industriepolitik

Birger P. Priddat

Das Wann der Aktie. Zeitliche Asymmetrie und Hypertransaktion im Kapitalmarkt. Eine transaktionstheoretische Analyse

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