Bachelor of Science (B.Sc.) in Management, Economics & Social Sciences | MES

Designing and Managing Sustainable Change

Structure & Content of the Bachelor's program

Program-specific downloads

The Zeppelin Foundation

Semester 1-2

Compulsory modules totaling
30 ECTS credits

Interdisciplinary Module | Zeppelin Project

  • Disciplinary Perspectives
  • Methods Workshop I+II
  • Project Work in Groups

Interdisciplinary Module | Scientific Fundamentals

  • Philosophy of Science
  • Introduction to Academic Research

Fundamental Methodology

  • Empirical Social Research
  • Statistics

The Major Phase

Semester 1-8


modules totaling 90 ECTS credits


  • Nature, Humankind, and Demography
  • Economics of Climate Change
  • Introduction to Economics
  • Public Policies


  • Introduction to Business Psychology

  • Digital Transformation & Change Management

  • Responsible Leadership

  • Economics of Inequality


  • Introduction to Entrepreneurship
  • Accounting and Finance
  • Market-oriented Management
  • Digital Transformation & Entrepreneurship


  • Advanced Statistics
  • Econometrics
  • Data Science
  • Individual Development & Interpersonal Skills

Professional Practice

  • Internship in Germany

  • Internship abroad

  • Own start-up

    Elective modules totaling 60 ECTS credits

    Of the elective modules in the major phase, at least 8 major elective modules (48 ECTS credits) must be chosen. 2 modules may be chosen from other ZU Bachelor’s degree programs (12 ECTS credits).

    • Human Resource Management
    • Marketing
    • Management of Innovation & Transformation
    • Digitalization, Virtual Reality and AI
    • Strategic Management
    • External Accounting
    • Entrepreneurship
    • Digital Finance
    • Mobility Industry
    • Organizational Theories
    • Corporate Responsibility & Leadership
    • History of Economic Thought
    • Microeconomics
    • Advanced Microeconomics
    • Macroeconomics
    • Advanced Macroeconomics
    • International Monetary Economics
    • Political & Economic Aspects of Regulation
    • Market Regulation Law
    • Political Economy
      • International Political Economy
      • Sustainable Governance & Public Policy
      • Public Entrepreneurship & Public Corporate Governance
      • International Organizations & Institutions
      • Policy Analysis
      • Post- and Decolonial Studies
      • Cultural Organization

      You also have the opportunity to study abroad in subjects that we do not offer at ZU and to have these credited as a specialization/advanced studies in the elective section.

      The Humboldt Year

      Semester 6 -7  | Totaling 30 ECTS credits with 2 alternatives of which 1 has to be chosen.

      Focus: Student Research

      • Research Project combined with additional lectures

      Focus: Advanced Studies

      • Advanced Seminars combined with additional lectures

      Bachelor Phase

      Semester 8 | Totaling 30 ECTS credits

      Final Module

      • Bachelor's thesis
      • Disputation

      Two Internships (1 in Germany, 1 abroad) or an own start-up project to be completed during the course of study)

      Bachelor phase
      Bachelor phase


      Semester 1-8 | Totaling 4 ECTS credits

      Optional modules that do not contribute to the final score.

      • Workshop | Creativity & Performance

      • Workshop | Fundamentals of Entrepreneurship

      Time to decide

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