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Student Project Office | SPOff

Studying at Zeppelin University means developing new passions, a sense for phenomena, problems and solutions with societal relevancy. The student activities and clubs are in this sense independent ambassadors of the university, who with their extraordinary commitment and creativity can rely on the sciences and arts to conquer societal challenges.

As an advisory and networking body for dedicated students, the SPOff has the goal of supporting student initiatives all the while neither inhibiting creativity nor independence. The SPOff tenders mainly towards five cross-organizational needs: Knowledge transfer, individual coaching, creation of proper general framework and conditions, acknowledgement and networking.

In workshops and handouts offered by the SPOff, we try to convey relevant topics pertinent to project work – supplemented through individual consulting, team supervision or coaching. The creation of a proper general framework and conditions includes but is not limited to offering adequate space, financing opportunities, supplying physical or email addresses. Furthermore, the SPOff assists with establishing a fitting organizational structure, setting up online project management platforms.

Personalized volunteering references, listing of voluntary work in the transcript as well as the acknowledgement of student initiative as internships motivates and supports the integration of project work into university studies. Moreover, the SPOff and StudentLounge e.V. jointly organize cross-project events and networking activities.

With transparency, reliability, presence and commitment, the SPOff accompanies projects and ideas from their formation all the way to their realization – aiming to create the greatest agency.

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Gronner, Jane MA
Head of Student Project Office | SPOff
Phone:+49 7541 6009-1106
Fax:+49 7541 6009-3009
Room:FAB 3 | 0.75