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ZU in the Current Rankings

ZU's attitude towards rankings is simple: it's better to come and see for yourself than just to believe the rankings.
However, in spite of the methodological difficulties, we will show you the three current ranking results of our Economics, Communication & Cultural Management, and Politics, Administration & International Relations programs at this time.

CHE College Ranking

In the 2014/15 CHE (Centre for University Development) Rankings, ZU once again achieved a top position among Germany's universities and colleges.

CHE Ranking 2014/2015: ZU achieved a top position among other universities and colleges in Germany

The results of the individual study programs:

  • ZU's Economics programs are number one among all of Germany's universities. Above all, satisfaction with general study conditions and the studyability of the subjects was rated as outstanding. Apart from this, ZU was rated among the best in the fields of international-orientation of study programs, students graduating within the standard period of study, as well as research funds raised. Additionally, ZU was ranked in the top bracket regarding the scope and quality of the programs on offer, student support, co-operation within the student body, the possibility of lecture evaluations and support on transition into the labor market, as well as the quality of its lecture rooms.
  • The Communication & Cultural Management programs at ZU achieved 1st place among all universities, and were ahead of established and renowned institutions such as the University of Music, Theater, and Media in Hannover (survey from 2011/12).
  • The Public Management & Governance program achieved 4th place nationally and moved up one place compared to the 2008 rankings. ZU finished ahead of Berlin's FU and Uni Potsdam, among others. (survey from 2011/12)

Top Place for Zeppelin University in U-Multirank International College Ranking

In the new, recently published "U-Multirank" EU college rankings ZU performed outstandingly. Thus the results of the most recent CHE Rankings were also confirmed on an international level.

In contrast to previous rankings, the new international ranking not only investigates the students' satisfaction with their study conditions, but also the universities' level of efficiency in various other areas. In the U-Multirank, top marks were awarded to ZU in the areas of study and teaching, as well as research.

A "Very Good" was also awarded to the Overall Quality of Courses and Teaching, Students' Learning Experience, Research Orientation of the Courses, Contact Between Students and Scientists, and the Combination of Study and Working Environment in Economics programs. Third-Party fundraising, Performance of PhD students and Classroom Equipment were also very highly ranked. Furthermore, ZU was well above average in areas such as International Orientation of Programs, Publication of Papers, Library Facilities, and Third-Party Funding.

2011/2012 CHE Ranking

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In the 2011/12 CHE University Rankings, Zeppelin University once again achieved a top position among Germany's universities and colleges. In the area of Communication and Cultural Management it came 1st (up from 8th the previous year), it came 4th in Public Management and Governance (5th the previous year), while in Economics it came 6th (15th the year before) among all of Germany's universities. All three ZU departments received top scores.

The results of the individual study programs:

  • The Communication & Cultural Management programs at ZU received 1st place among all universities, and were ahead of established and renowned institutions such as the University of Music, Theater and Media in Hannover. By comparison, in the 2008 rankings, ZU’s Communication & Cultural Management programs came in 8th place.

  • The Public Management & Governance program received 4th place nationally and moved up one place compared to the 2008 rankings. ZU was placed ahead of FU Berlin and Potsdam University, among others.

  • The Economics program made the biggest leap ahead: from 15th place in 2008, it climbed to 6th place, and landed in the top group along with the University of Mannheim, TU Munich and WHU Vallendar.

As pleasing as those results are, since its establishment ZU hasn't attached too much importance to generalized rankings. "Owing to the gratifying segmentation of higher education in Germany, the individualization of study for students is paramount – and that has to be experienced on site". "Everyone for themselves”, says Student Vice President Lena Schulze-Gabrechten about ZU’s approach, which is reflected in the various student academies and forms of direct teaching experience, as well as the unique selection process.

About the ranking method: One third of the subjects are re-evaluated each year in the CHE University Rankings. This year it is the study of law, economics, and sociology, as well as media studies, communication science, and social work. It is considered the most comprehensive and detailed ranking of its kind in German-speaking countries and is also being implemented in other countries. More than 300 universities and technical colleges were assessed. Along with details regarding the study program, teaching approach, equipment, and research, the ranking also includes the evaluation of more than 250,000 students relating to study conditions at their university. The weekly newspaper “DIE ZEIT” publishes selected data about the students' evaluations, about research indicators and about the universities' reputations or their facilities in their “ZEIT Studienführer 2011/12” ("ZEIT study guide 2011/12").

The CHE Master Ranking

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Zeppelin University's Master's program in Economics is among the very best in Germany. In the new CHE ("Centre for University Development") Master Ranking (from mid December 2011), ZU's two year Master's Degree in Economics was awarded a top place. In all five categories – Study Conditions, Lecturers' Support, Transition to Master's Programs, Practical Relevance, and Scientific Relevance – ZU's Master's Degree was awarded a Green Spot, meaning that it was in the top bracket. Along with ZU, only the programs at the universities of Augsburg, Mannheim, and TU Munich, as well as private business schools HHL, EBS and WHU, were rated so highly.

Further Information about the Ranking

Information about the CME Master Degree


The "Handelsblatt Karriere" Ranking

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In the field of Economics, Zeppelin University (ZU) is among the top ten universities in Germany. In the current "Handelsblatt Karriere" College Rankings (2007/2008), it achieved an eighth place finish in the field at the first attempt.

"It's a surprising achievement which shows us that the path we chose to go down over three years ago with our research-oriented and multidisciplinary teaching and studies was the right one, and this shows us how we should logically go forward" says ZU President Stephan A. Jansen who is particularly delighted for the students "who, three years ago, took a gamble on starting a demanding course in a newly founded university".

It is ZU's first time to appear in a ranking, and right among the leaders at that. Hence the surprise at its performance: ZU came ahead of renowned universities like Frankfurt/Main (9th place), Mannheim (10th place), Munich (11th place), TH Karlsruhe (20th place), and University of Tübingen (25th place). As part of the ranking, universities were evaluated by students, graduates and HR managers in businesses amongst others. The class groups which had been together since the university's foundation year went their separate ways only last Fall so there should be even more positive appraisals in the coming years. Better still were the ratings (and therefore the level of satisfaction) from the graduates group and, finally, from the students who voted the university in 4th place.

The ranking is based on a survey of around 50,000 students and graduates from all German universities, as well as HR managers from a thousand large companies. On the scale which runs from 1 (for "very satisfied/very good") to 6 (for "very unsatisfied/very bad"), criteria such as Teaching, Equipment, Practical Relevance, Job Preparation, and Links to Business were evaluated. On top of this was the positive rating from a college survey on whether students are properly prepared for the working environment.