Laboratory for Implicit and Artistic Knowledge

The Laboratory for Implicit and Artistic Knowledge (LIKWI) is a research unit at Zeppelin University that analyses the results of the Creativity & Performance teaching format. Together with a network of partners from other universities, its purpose is to draw out and investigate the epistemological, aesthetic and pedagogical insights gained from this format. LIKWI is part of the Center for Cultural Production and some of the workshops are also held in cooperation with the Zeppelin University's artsprogram.
LIKWI is designed as an experimental platform for research and learning. It is devoted to all forms of knowledge that are deducted from action itself. Just like emotional intelligence, these forms of knowledge have seen a rising interest in recent times – not only in the cultural sector but also in entrepreneurial environments. The LIKWI thus aims to integrate tacit, aesthetic and emotional knowledge into academic forms of learning and teaching. The interactive workshop format Creativity & Performance tries to render these extended forms of knowledge conscious. Using various artistic methods such as experimental drawing, (sound-) installation, photography and performance, students are encouraged to become aware of these intuitive forms of knowledge and to learn how to integrate them into their decision-making processes.


Why artistic and implicit knowledge? Many competences are written into our bodies as embodied experience; knowledge is ingrained in materials and mental routines. The constant stream of visual images in contemporary society allows for more and more associative, abridged forms of communication. The sciences have become aware of this importance of embodied knowledge, as have companies and political institutions. Yet the arts remain the predominant field, in which alternative forms of knowledge are employed.

LIKWI thus aims to integrate alternative forms of knowledge into traditional academic practice. Workshops are designed to enable students to become acquainted with tacit, aesthetic or embodied forms of reasoning. The Creativity & Performance' workshop, which is open to both undergraduates and graduates, is designed to make the participants experience these forms of knowledge first hand. The students themselves thus become researchers.

In a society that is dominated by images and mass media communication, it is crucial to reflect upon sensual forms of knowledge and to deepen the understanding of one's own everyday practices and learning environments. In cooperation with visual artists, musicians, writers, performance artists and experts for tacit knowledge, students work on their bodily self-perception and the creation of 'alternative spaces'. Meanwhile the desired result of these practices is not the creation of artistic products per se but rather the mental process along the way.

LIKWI is attached to the Center for Cultural Production.

Creativity & Performance 

With the 'Creativity & Performance' format, Zeppelin University has created a learning format that is unique in Germany and reflects the latest trends in the understanding of research and science.

Within the course, students choose two artistic disciplines that correspond to their interests and inclinations. Accompanied by experienced artists, they test the sharpness and blurriness of perception. They explore their environment in an experimental way. Signs and sign systems, images and narratives become part of a confrontation with reality, which is not recognisable as a representation but as a construction and criticism and is experienced with one's own body.

The Laboratory for Implicit and Artistic Knowledge (LIKWI) is a research facility in which the epistemological, aesthetic and pedagogical aspects of the 'Creativity & Performance' course are thematised and researched in a network with other university partners. The LIKWI is connected to the Centre for Cultural Production. Individual workshops lead into the events of the artsprogramme.

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Research Projects & Publications

Buck, Christina: Promotionsvorhaben Ver­mitt­lung künst­le­ri­scher Epis­te­me an Hoch­schu­len und Uni­ver­si­tä­ten (click here)

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Kleinmichel, Philipp
Kleinmichel, Philipp Dr
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Söffner, Jan
Söffner, Jan Prof Dr
Dean of Zeppelin University Bachelor College
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van den Berg, Karen Prof Dr phil
Academic Head of the artsprogram
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