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Annual Themes

Since 2015, the Centre for Cultural Production and the artsprogram have each jointly set an annual theme for themselves, to which a lecture series, symposia, exhibitions in the university exhibition space "White Box" and other artistic and scientific event formats then orient themselves.
Teaching, research and the arts thus jointly intervene in current social debates and make them visible. After the "Ecologies of the Human" (lecture series, symposium and exhibition "Learning Community") in the year of the so-called refugee crisis 2015/16, a lecture series on "Politics of Simplicity" followed in 2016/17 with an exhibition by the Romanian artist Dan Perjovschi in the "White Box". In 2017/18 the topic "Crises of Reality" was also dealt with in a symposium, a lecture series and two exhibitions (New Eelam and Forensic Architecture). Under the title "Islands of Freedom", two exhibitions (by Martina Mächler and Yoshiaki Kaihatsu), a lecture series and various lectures and performances on questions of freedom in our present day were devoted to 2018/19. 2019/20 is the theme of the year "Economies of Visibility".