Bachelor of Arts (BA) in Communication, Culture & Management | CCM

Content & Structure

Zeppelin Year

1st - 2nd Semester | to the extent of 60 ECTS-Credits

Interdisciplinary Module | Zeppelin Project

  • Disciplinary Perspectives

  • Methods Workshop I+II
  • Project Work in Groups

Introduction to Science

  • Philosophy of Science

  • Introduction to Academic Research

Foundation of Methods

  • Empirical Social Research

  • Statistics

Program Module CCM

  • Introduction to Issues in Communication Studies

  • Introduction to Issues in Cultural Studies

Interdisciplinary Perspectives (4 of 9)

  • Introduction to Business Management
  • Introduction to Economics

  • Business Accounting

  • Fundamentals of Law

  • International Relations
  • Public Administration
  • Polity, Politics, Policy
  • Foundations of Sociology
  • Cultural History


Major Phase

3rd - 7th Semester

Mandatory Modules (1 of 2) | to the extent of 12 ECTS-Credits

Methods in Communication Studies

  • Content Analysis and Categorizing Methods

  • Reconstructive Methods

Methodological Approaches of Cultural & Arts Studies

  • Methods of Arts & Visual Studies
  • Methods of Cultural & Media Studies

Elective Modules

3rd - 7th Semester |  elective modules amounting to 108 ECTS; max. 4 multidisciplinary elective modules

Focus: Communication

Public Sphere, Media Change & Digitalization

  • Theory & Critique of Communication Media
  • Public Sphere & Public Communication
  • Digitalization, VR and AI
  • Media Culture

Strategic Communication

  • Media Systems and Communication Spaces

  • Strategic Communication & Organizational Communication

  • Social psychological Aspects of Communication
  • Sociological Aspects of Communication

Media practice

  • News Media Journalism

  • Practical Aspects of Entertainment Media
  • Public Relations Practice

Interdisciplinary Specialization

  • Interdisciplinary Specialization: Communication I + II

Focus: Culture

Philosophy, Culture, Knowledge

  • Basic Philosophical Concepts & Theories
  • Contemporary Debates & Philosophical Reflection
  • Media Theory
  • Language & Literature


  • Aesthetics & Art Theory
  • Making of Art in Society
  • Lecture Series: Current Issues in Arts and Culture

Cultural production

  • Cultural Policy
  • Cultural Organization

  • Theory & History of Curating

  • Curatorial Practice

Interdisciplinary Specialization

  • Interdisciplinary Specialization: Culture I + II

Interdisciplinary Elective Modules

Audience Studies

  • Audience Studies
  • Media Reception and Media Consumption Studies

Psychological Aspects of Communication & Culture

  • Psychology: Cognition, Language, Perception
  • Psychology: Emotion, Motivation, Acting

Perspectives of Globalization

  • Post- and Decolonial Studies
  • Global Culture & Communication

Media Law

  • Law in the Media & Cultural Sector
  • Intellectual Property Law

Current Issues

  • Current Issues in Cultural & Communic. Studies I + II + III

Creativity and Practice

  • Creativity and Performativity
  • Independent Project in Media, Culture & Entrepreneurship

Methods Workshops

  • Advanced Methods I + II

Humboldt Year

6th -7th Semester | 2 main areas totaling 30 ECTS, one option has to be elected

Focus: Student Research

  • Research Project combined with additional lectures

Focus: Advanced Studies

  • Advanced Seminars combined with additional lectures

Bachelor Phase

8th Semester  | to the extent of 30 ECTS-Credits

Final Module

  • Bachelorthesis
  • Disputation

Two Internships (at least one of them abroad)



1st - 8th Semester | to the extent of ECTS-Credits

Optional modules, do not contribute to the final score.

Program Director

Fischer, Jessica Elisabeth
Fischer, Jessica Elisabeth Dr phil
Program Director Communication, Culture & Management | CCM
Phone:+49 7541 6009-1305
Room:FAB 3 | 0.67
van den Berg, Karen
van den Berg, Karen Prof Dr phil
Academic Head of the artsprogram
Phone:+49 7541 6009-1311
Room:FAB 3 | 1.43
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