Bachelor of Arts (BA) in Psychology, Economics & Politics | PEP

Bachelor in Psychology, Economics and Politics

Discover a unique perspective and combine psychology, economics and politics! Photo: Ilya Mess | ZU
Discover a unique perspective and combine psychology, economics and politics! Photo: Ilya Mess | ZU

Discover a unique perspective and combine psychology, economics and politics! Photo: Ilya Mess | ZU

To understand what makes the world go round, you have to understand how politics and economics work. To understand how politics and economics work, vou need to understand the underlying political processes. Our new Bachelor's degree program Psychology, Economics, Politics | PEP promotes an interdisciplinary approach, emphasizes research and integrates psychology, economics and politics in a unique way. It is a program that has never been offered in Germany before and can only be studied at Zeppelin University. By also highlighting the field of politics, the course goes far beyond the well-known courses in the field of business psychology.

This degree program prepares you optimally for work in NGOs, in political consulting and management consulting, for jobs in the media and communication agencies as well as in science.

During this degree program, you will deal with cognitive, emotional and motivational aspects of actions, the logic of political decisions and institutions, the functioning of markets, the formation of public opinion and ersonal political attitudes, political protest and political participation, you will deal with topics such as social values, value orientations and changing values, social and economic inequality, migration, climate change and the environment and the environment and acquire knowledge of the the basics of economic thinking and social science research methods and approaches. Unleash your potential and shape change in the world with a perspective that shapes the future!

Facts & figures about the Bachelor's degree program
in Psychology, Economics & Politics

Degree: Bachelor of Arts (B.A.)

Standard period of study: 8 semesters (= 4 years)

ECTS points: 240

Course language: German and English

Language skills: Good knowledge of German and English required

Start: Spring (January) & Fall (September)

Subject area: Political Science

Semester fee: 6.550 €

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Focus areas & teaching portfolio

The Bachelor of Arts (BA) in Psychology, Economics, Politics | PEP is a full-time degree program in the field of political science.

You will focus on topics that will play a decisive role during your studies and, above all, prepare you for your future career. The course is interdisciplinary and research-oriented. You will acquire basic knowledge about human action and at the same time be able to work on the central approaches to solving the most important current social problems and also deal with the analysis of political decision-making processes in the field of economics. The fact that hardly any question remains unanswered is also demonstrated by the 1:8 ratio of teaching staff to students.

Our seminars also provide you and your fellow students with theoretical and practical knowledge of psychological decision-making processes, the fundamentals of economic thinking, national and international political institutions, social values, value orientation and value change and research methods in economics and the social sciences.

Study Program & Course

The four-year Bachelor of Arts (BA) in Psychology, Economics & Politics | PEP consists of a Zeppelin year, a major phase, a Humboldt year and a Bachelor phase.

Zeppelin Year

  • The Zeppelin Year is unique in Germany in this form and gives you enough time for your personal orientation in the first two semesters of your studies. It gives you the opportunity to gain your first research experience and provides you with the necessary methodological knowledge and scientific foundations.

Major Phase

  • The major phase starts with your second year of study. In the compulsory modules, you build on the scientific foundations you have learned for your further studies. With the compulsory elective modules and the option to specialize in one of the three tracks, the degree program offers you maximum flexibility.

Humboldt Year

  • In the Humboldt Year, you can dedicate yourself to your own research project before working on your Bachelor's Thesis and completing your degree in the Bachelor's Phase.

  • Semesters 1-2 | Zeppelin Year
    worth 60 ECTS credits
  • Semesters 3-8 | Major Phase
    amounting to142 ECTS credits
  • Semesters 6-7 | Humboldt Year
    comprising 24 ECTS credits
  • Semester 8 | Bachelor Phase
    worth 14 ECTS credits

Practical orientation and studying abroad

The Bachelor's degree course in Psychology, Economics & Politics | PEP stands out due to its interdisciplinary nature in the fields of psychology, economics and politics, which makes the course unique in Germany.

Economic professions are changing just as much as society itself. You will therefore also learn about international communication and organizational theory as well as political science aspects in this Bachelor's degree course. These will enable you to work in the modern international working world of tomorrow and provide you with the necessary specialist know-how and transfer knowledge.

Exciting courses or internships at home or abroad or a semester abroad at one of our partner universities worldwide also open up new academic and professional perspectives and the opportunity to expand your language skills.

With the research-oriented perspective of the Psychology, Economics, Politics | PEP Bachelor's degree program and the analytical and research skills you acquire, you also keep open the possibility of an academic career with a subsequent Master's degree.


In the PEP study program, around 40% of seminars are held in English .

We also offer students the opportunity to study at outstanding partner universities all over the world.

Here is a small selection:

Scholarships & Funding

Tuition fees for the four-year Bachelor of Arts in Psychology, Economics & Politics | PEP amount to €6,550 per semester. Monthly payment of tuition fees is also possible, please contact the Admissions TeamThere aremany individual financing optionsforyour studies at ZU:

We award scholarships not only for exceptional achievements, but also to applicants with a strong commitment to cultural, political or social issues.

Financing options

Individual financing options are available for your studies at ZU:

Selection Process

A numerus clausus does not play a role for our degree courses. You can enrich our university with your curiosity, your questions and your thirst for knowledge. We look forward to you becoming part of our inspiring environment during your Bachelor's degree.

To find out whether the CME Bachelor is the right degree program for you, we have developed our own selection process (Pioneers Wanted!). This gives you the opportunity to find out more about our university on the selection day, get to know professors and staff better and give us an insight into your personal areas of interest and ways of thinking.

The prerequisite for your participation in one of our selection days is an online application in our application portal. If your application is rated positively, you will receive an invitation from our applicant advisory service.

Zeppelin University Selection Day
Zeppelin University Selection Day

Application & Deadlines

Your online application for a place on the Bachelor of Arts (BA) in Psychology, Economics & Politics | PEP begins with a written CV and a letter of motivation. We need your school and degree certificates to check whether they meet our admission criteria.

Our application portal gives you the opportunity to choose the right selection day for you. Please note the relevant application deadlines so that we can consider your application documents in good time.

You can find all the necessary application documents for your online application and the exact procedure for applying for a study place as well as the FAQs here.

Program responsibility | Academic contacts

Erzene Bürgin, Defne
Erzene Bürgin, Defne Dr
Program Director | Sociology, Politics & Economics | SPE
Phone:+497541 6009-2232
Room:FAB 3 | 0.73
Behnke, Joachim
Behnke, Joachim Prof Dr rer pol
Academic Program Director Politics, Administration & International Relations | BA/MA PAIR | MA IRPG | MA PMD
Phone:+49 7541 6009-1431
Room:Semi 0.02
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