Barbara Sophie Straub

Barbara Sophie Straub
Barbara Sophie Straub

Before Barbara Sophie Straub came to ZU to complete her master's degree in CCM, she studied art history/art-music-theater and communication sciences/psychology in her bachelor's degree. Today, she manages the Events and Visitor Services department at Kunsthaus Bregenz.

How did your studies prepare you for what you do today?

"I've always had a penchant for working at interfaces. In my current job at Kunsthaus Bregenz, I deal with people from a wide variety of fields daily: artists, curators, craftspeople, media technicians, visitors, supervisors. I appreciate the diversity, the constant change of perspective, and the building of sustainable relationships. ZU lives interdisciplinarity - a nice word, but one that has to be endured. ZU prepared me to be the interface I am today."

Why CCM exactly?

"For me, the master's program in CCM allowed me to study more broadly. I previously completed two bachelor's degrees in art history/art-music-theater and communication studies/psychology, and while I felt very enriched, I also felt torn during the dual degree period. ZU's master's program in CCM has allowed me to continue to pursue all of my interests without having to take on the burden of two majors again."

Looking back, what did ZU offer that another university didn't begin to?

"I had extremely positive experiences regarding teaching in my two bachelor's programs at a large state university. Therefore, the question is very daring for me. However, what ZU does for me beyond that: It brings people together! Very different people. And that has been the biggest benefit."

Other alumni careers (M.A. in Communication, Culture & Management | CCM)

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