Anna Lena Robra

Anna Lena Robra

Anna Lena Robra studied the Executive Master of Arts in Digital Pioneering | eMA DIP at ZU and currently works as a management consultant focusing on digital and technology strategies at McKinsey & Company.

How did your studies prepare you for what you do today?

"Through a clever combination of theoretical basics, practical case examples, and organized company visits, we learned module by module how innovations are created, what the effects of, e.g., digitalization are and how business models (have to) be adapted based on this. In doing so, we looked at the dynamics of the startup scene and the implications for established large companies, companies that I advise on their digitization strategy in my current job. The many real-world examples we discussed during the study enormously broadened my knowledge horizon, which now enables me to support my clients on their transformation journey."

Why exactly is eMA at ZU?

„"The practical application of what I have learned has always been important to me, and after I had already studied my Bachelor's degree dual in cooperation with a company, ZU offered the perfect opportunity to continue this in my Master's degree with its eMA program. After each of the 12 module weeks, I came back to my workplace with fresh ideas. I was able to take away especially many impressions and inspirations from the Startup Week in Berlin as well as the Summer Academy in Silicon Valley."

Looking back, what has ZU provided that another university does not even begin to offer?

"ZU offers space for lateral thinking, open discourse, and controversy like no other place. There is much emphasis on individuality and independence. In eMA DIP, for example, we tried out the theories we had learned in our studies on our fictitious business ideas and continuously questioned their practicability in our group. I also found the evening events particularly valuable, in which, for example, we examined the influence of digitization in the broader context of society and repeatedly discussed philosophical issues."

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