Rea Eldem

Rea Eldem
Rea Eldem

Rea Eldem was a pretty queer mixed-up student at ZU. She majored in CCM, both cultural studies and communication studies, and minored in politics and economics. After ZU, she moved to Berlin and took a year-long additional Design Thinking training at the Hasso Plattner Institute and various courses at the Center for Interdisciplinary Women's and Gender Studies on TU. She found the content in these seminars so exciting that she moved to England in fall 2017 to pursue the research master "Interdisciplinary Gender Studies" at the University of Cambridge. In August 2018, Rea moved back to Berlin and worked as a freelance Design Thinking Coach (among others at the Hasso Plattner Institute), and has founded the gender and diversity consultancy we perspective, which supports organizations in diversity development. In 2019, she founded IN-VISIBLE where she currently serves as managing director.

How did your studies prepare you for what you do today?

"At ZU, I learned primarily from inspiring people and professors - and from the enabling culture they drove. In this environment, I was able to try my hand at making things and acquire courage. Especially in work in independent research projects and initiatives, such as the founding of Café Hz, I learned about the conception and implementation of projects and intensive teamwork. In addition to academic content, it was mainly these experiences that I benefit from in my independent work as a gender and diversity trainer."

Today, when I look back at my ZU time.

"...I think of my first attempts to develop and represent my stance. And of inspiring people who not only accompanied me but encouraged me to question things, to think anew, and to take things into my own hands. I am especially grateful for all those moments when I faced great challenges and had to find my way outside my comfort zone. In those situations, I was able to learn to rely on myself and others."

Other alumni careers (B.A. in Communication, Culture & Management | CCM)

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