Patrick Pfersich

Patrick Pfersich
Patrick Pfersich

Patrick Pfersich graduated from ZU in 2017 with a degree in Sociology, Politics, and Economics (SPE). After several years with renowned management consultancies, he now works as a Strategy Manager at TK Elevator, where he supports international product and transformation projects.

How did the degree prepare him for his current job?

"As a consultant, you often make uncomfortable and vulnerable decisions in a complex environment. My time at Zeppelin University prepared me for this in two ways in particular. First, by teaching me how to face this complexity with structure in analysis and interpretation. Second, teaching me that it is perfectly okay to make bad decisions - as long as they are reflected upon as a learning process and processed self-critically. I think these two skills are elemental for our generation given today's confusion."

When I look back on my ZU days today...

"...I think of a piece of home and connection found at the lake. ZU was and is not just an anonymous temporary place, but much more the beginning of a new phase of life, with many people and impressions that accompany you until today."

Why SPE?

"Above all, I didn't want to limit myself to one area of interest. SPE offered me the freedom to compare different schools of thought and perspectives. This ability to change perspectives and the accompanying openness in the design of the study program was then what completely convinced me of SPE. And remains convincing to this day."

What type of person would you recommend studying SPE to?

"SPE often doesn't offer its students clear paths of thought or answers, as a classic business degree program might. Perhaps that's why it attracts so many strong and interesting people with different ways of thinking. As a person, you have to endure this and find your way despite all the openness. Therefore, if you are willing to leave well-trodden paths, appreciate discourse, and are curious, then you should take a closer look at SPE."

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