Simon Telian

Simon Telian
Simon Telian

Simon Telian studied BA SPE and MA CME at ZU. Today he is the CEO of Advanced Blockchain AG.

Why Zeppelin University?

"I chose ZU because I received full support in implementing my entrepreneurial interests from the very beginning. Not only professionally, but also in the form of scholarships and mentors who have supported me for many years."

How did my studies prepare me for my current job?

"The graduate degree programme was a perfect complement to the 5 years of professional experience I gained before I started at ZU. I was able to contribute to various ZU-affiliated companies as an external management consultant for many years, participated in the TandemCoaching programme and later successfully founded my own company."

When I look back on my ZU time today....

"...I think of the many extracurricular activities, research projects and interdisciplinary courses. From rowing at 5 a.m. to the legendary summer party where even the president himself was the DJ. Unique at a German university."

Other alumni careers (B.A. in Sociology, Politics & Economics | SPE, M.Sc. in Corporate Management & Economics | CME)

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