Patrick Lühlow

Patrick Lühlow
Patrick Lühlow

Patrick Lühlow studied Sociology, Politics & Economics at Zeppelin University from 2012 to 2017. During that time, he implemented educational projects for foundations and companies. After his studies, he worked in an agency for strategic communication issues. He is now pursuing his passion for digital and inclusive education work by working as an Entrepreneurial Assistant to the CMO at sofatutor, an online learning platform for students.

How did your studies prepare you for what you do today?

""My SPE studies allowed me to analyze relevant issues with a broad view and discuss my findings with inspiring fellow students and teachers. The many large and small research projects, as well as engagement with initiatives, allowed me to specialize and test my academic suggestions against the social practice - holistic thinking, problem-solving skills, collaboration skills, and pragmatism have helped me in every context since."

Today, when I look back on my ZU days...

" heart first warms at the thought of the many inspiring people who came together there. What was formative for me was the simultaneously tense and secure atmosphere in which people urged each other to grow pompously and humbly. Also, the stark contrast between the big thoughts and the small town is still very present to me."

Why SPE?

"Because I can't make up my mind - even still - very well. Also, I got to know Zeus through my undergraduate involvement. Their thoughts and questions irritated me so positively that, fortunately for me, I just followed their example and path."

What kind of person would you recommend studying SPE to?

"To anyone who wants to pursue their broad curiosity about society with vigor and without blinders, and who can tolerate a little uncertainty to do so. It also doesn't hurt to already have clear positions on some issues - those can then be easily discarded in a research-based study."

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